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Preparing for New Vision crash course

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initial dump from my PDA, will clean up laters.

17 18 19 6h 30 2pm - 6pm 11am - 4pm : drupal 1pm - 7pm : drupal
foss 30m instalation 2hours desktop 30 major application 30 ---=---=-=--- best of breed 45m inovative apps 45m web applications 30m 15m system compenonts 1h file heirarchy 30m security 30m 15m drakconf 1h how to seek help -====- command line 30m arguments 30m options 30m 15m pipes 10m redirects 10m redirect to command line 10m for loops 30m file commands ch-- 20m media commands u/mount, du, df 30m network commands 15m ping ifconfig route /etc/resolv.conf ssh scp process control 10m ps killall kill top fg bg text utils 30m grep sed cut sort uniq comm tr package managment 30m urpmi.addmedia urpmi.removemedia urpmi.update urpmi_rpm-find-leaves urpmi urpme urpmf urpmq services 5m config file 10m applications 10m example commands 30m ====----= control center and wizards

Dr. Radut | book