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About the upcoming SSTE Conference

About the SSTE conference i don't know if they will ask us to talk about the unemployment and development in communication and information technology or not but I just prepared some points to talk about in case they asked us to talk about this issue ... and I need cooperation from all of u if u found something not good to tell me and to add some points too..

-The Philosophy behind open source.

open source and what is open source and why it is important... and why people choose to use open source instead of closed source... and why when making the source published in public that will offer much more opportunities for sharing and cooperation between all those who are interested in the field.. and will reduce monopolism and increase healthy competition between developers and contributors.. and also it will not be againest business development. it will be just a little introduction as all of them already knew about open source from the last conference.

-Open source and development cooperation.

how it will be great to make open source cooperate in development of countries in its many ways especially open source software.. and the advantage of open source software applications.

-Open source as a development path.

how using open source will make a right path to development as it has a less cost completely free license that will save money and help in economic development that will lead in development to the whole country.. and the economic development will be explained in the next points.

-Why developing countries must use open source.

i think this point will be important As Egypt is considered one of the developing country.. how the open source is suitable for the developing countries.. as it has no cost so it will save the money that is paid in licenses to be used in another fields..also open source needs many developers and contributors so many people will be able to work in this field and develop in it as it will be easy to learn for many people because of its GPLd tutorials and documentations .. so using open source in developing countries will be a good solution for the lake of money as many millions will be saved to be used in other fields .

-how reduction of unemployment will be one of the results of economic development that was caused by using open source.

and at last it will be so clear that due to economic development that was caused by the use of open source that will reduce unemployment.. and also many people can work in developing and contribution of the open source ..

I really appreciate ur cooperation very much..


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My comments

That's what I could think of so far..

thanks it is a very good point..

i think these points are really so important and we should as u suggested to stress on these points.. as open source is really the solution for unemployment it will help alot to reduce unemployment in egypt and in the developing country as well.

all ur comments are welcomed i really appreciate ur cooperation.



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Free/Open source software will help to make more innovations and more opportunities .as there is no solo agent . Who sell products and be the only support -because no one can see the source except this company . two things are consequence of this

1- customer is enforced to accept any quality of support .

2-If anybody or group can help to support ,develop ,change and/or update s/w is restricted as the license prevent him to do so.

In open source everybody is free to choose support through different choices ,and for sure there will be competency , raising the quality of service and minimize the price . Evey one has the key of development.

Diaa Radwan


You are absolutely right !!!

Actually, I've always been

Actually, I've always been reluctant to open source, but now I am becoming more open about it.

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