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Microsoft MDC 2005, a day of torture

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Today I went to attend Microsoft Middle east Developers Conference 2005. I started the journey at 7 am so i can be there before the croude to register. The trip to Cairo was just as usual and it reminded me of why do I hate Cairo and why do I love Zagazig, Zagazig is small, dirty, full of stupid ignorant fools, but its so quiet.

Anyway I was there at 8:45 am, signed up and got the stupid badge. His billiness should have been to the conference at 10:30 am but he didn't come till the minister of telecomunications gave his presentation at 11:30 or something like that.

I was lucky and seated next to a few developers who works on microsoft's platforms but they were kind funny so I had a good time before bill gates showed up to give his keynote. And they were familiar with FLOSS so we had a few laughs about microsoft which really ticked some women off I don't know why, maybe she is having an afair will bill or something.

They gave me an evaluation form to write in what i think of the keynotes. The rating was one of three choices 1- excelent 2- good 3- fair so I added politely another check box next to these and wrote on it "full of shit!" and selected this check box. Then wrote GNU all over the paper and handed it to microsoft's guy. He was in chock for a moment when he looked at my paper, by the time he woke up I was a mile away from him :)

Just when I was leaving they told me that I can't leave till at least one session is over! What am I supposed to do if I'm not interested in any of your stupid sessions!!!

so I went to a session about visual studio 2005. it was so boring for me as I have no interest at all in using visual studio as an IDE, but the guy who gave the session was nice. I slept during the session because I didn't sleep in 2 days so I wanted to do something to spend some time so I got the developers survey and filled it in.

I was astonished to find a question about if I'm coding for linux. I don't code for linux as I totaly forgot C and C++ but I decided to say that I do code for linux :). And of course I said that I never use any of microsoft's IDE and that I code web applications.

I gave them the developers survey and left to start my journey to Zagazig the city of lights :)

funniest things happen today was windows crashing during presentations :) a few errors while presenting a movie about microsoft and i think that I've seen the blue screen of death :). And during the visual studio session the guy giving the session couldn't finish a single task of what he was doing because visual studio and another windows app he was using was not responding !

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