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Installing Fedora Core3 From Your Hard Disk HDD تثبيت فيدورا من على القرص الصلب

all U want to start installing the fedora core 3 distro from Your hard disk :

Wiki not forum

The forum is for asking for technical help. What I see here is that you faced a problem and managed to solve it so you decided to share it. The forum is just not the appropiate place to put it, it should go into the Wiki so that others could edit and refine it if they will.

Another thing is that you provided contact information for those who might want to ask you. Ofcourse you are entitled to do that but it would be better if anybody who faced similiar problems would ask for your/others help in public and not privately through email so that other people later on would benefit from the open discussions.

You can always make your contact information accessible in your user profile if anybody wanted to contact you privately for personal reasons.

Thanks very much for your input anyway, it's most appreciated.



hda1:NTFS(for xp c:), hda5:fat32(for xp d:); hda6:boot(for linux), hda7:swap, hda8:ext3, hda9:fat32(for xp d:,where the ISO LCATED); hda10:ext3 menu timeout 10 default 0 fallback 1

title FC3 Install

root (hd0,8) kernel /vmlinuz ramdisk_size=128000 root=/dev/ram0 automatic=method:disk initrd /initrd.img

title Help

pause . pause . pause To specify the location where Mandrakelinux is copied, pause choose "Mandrake Install", and press "e". pause Then change "root (hd0,0)". FYI: pause - (hd0,0) is the first partition on first bios hard drive (usually hda1) pause - (hd0,4) is the first extended partition (usually hda5) pause - (hd1,0) is the first partition on second bios hard drive pause Replace /cooker to suits the directory containing Mandrakelinux pause . pause HELP END

Installing Fedora Core3 from your Hard Disk

Since your iso images or in /dev/hda8 you have to mention the root as (hd0,7). The entire line should be like this: root (hd0,7) kernel /vmlinuz ramdisk_size=128000 root=/dev/ram0 automatic=method:disk initrd /initrd.img

Reinstalling packages

The instructions on how to install from the hard disk were great! I would really appreciate if you could give the instructions on how to reference the iso images when, after the installation, one needs to install packages that were not installed in the first time. It seems that the package manager expects files to be in /dev/cdrom... Would a proper mount command resolve the problem? Thanks in advance.

Paulo Abreu

Reinstalling packages

Perhaps you can try to mount fedora_core_iso_file.iso /dev/cdrom -o loop

It's just a sugestion, i have never tried it, but maybe it will help.

Bye bye

To boot FC . U will need dos

To boot FC .

U will need dosutils from redhat

  1. copy the dosutils folder to ur hardisk
  2. Copy initrd.img and vmlinuz from the fedora core iso to x:\dosutils\autoboot\,overwrite the existing initrd and vmlinuz.
  3. From dos-mode go to the autoboot directory and issue autoboot command.
  4. After booting u will be asked to install from hd,ftp, on Hardrive and choose the partition where the iso files are stored.

Then a text based installation will start(not graphical)

U can boot redhat,fedora core and redhat based distros u will only need to copy the initrd.img and vmlinuz of that specific distro to the autoboot directory

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