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We have a new EGLUG Admin Team

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The current team of admins got together just now to decide what to do about the election situation. We have decided the following:

  1. The next time the charter comes up for modification, we need to fix this issue (by saying that we use cron to close the election poll)
  2. There will be ONE person leaving the admin team and TWO persons joining it. I (YoussefAssad) will be leaving and both Conceptor and Ezabi will be joining it. This is effective immediately.

Sorry for the mess; we're a young community. Our charter is also young and it will learn from our mistakes. Thanks everyone for your patience, and thanks to Roberto Ramsis for the idea to make both admins.

Without further ado, our administrative team is:

  • Alaa
  • Conceptor
  • Ezabi
  • Uniball
  • whirlpool


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Radical vs Incremental

The charters need a radical change, not just incremental, the idea that admin status is a privilige so much looked for, that a book of law (the current charter) is required to settle the dispute, is sickening

The only we have admins, should be because we can not create a bot that do the job, humans should not look forward for bot jobs

Admin is costly job that we should seek to eliminate, not appreciate!

There should be a software written to handle all structured decisions. We need admins to either take semi and unstructured decisions, those decisions are by default subjective and in a democracy will be made collectively, I see no need to delegate suck decisions to another person, except for the reason of practicality and apathy (when I dont care about participating in the decision)

The current charter speak so little about the importance and usage of software and technology to empower people, and how it allow us to do now, what was thought impossible in the past (i.e. not having an admin)

The current charter does not motivate people to participate, in promoting free technology

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So let it be written, so let it be done, why don't you correct what you don't like by yourself and show the rest that it can be done, propose a charter (or rather a charter ammendment) as well as write a bot to handle structured decisions, I think you have enough time till the next charter ammendment proposal period.

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Just to make few points clear

I said a lot of things, maybe my narrative style wasn't clear enough for you. I made the following points.

I understand from your reply that you agree to all the above point, so why didn't you say anything before? or did you?.

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The charter needs a radical change Incremental changes to the charter are not enough

As Ezabi asked from you propose a proper emendation or a new brand charter. it is not easy to construct new one anyway, the charter is a mix between the experience and the art of forecasting(how the things will go) ,so if you have any of these talents which will identify each role of the community propose it .

Admin job should be automated Admin job should not be seen as a privilige

Ok you need to define the tasks of administrator then think if it should/could/would be automated tasks as whole or not. Let me give you and example : if we have engineer who just finish establishing a building and it's ready for rent . well do we need that engineer to perform some regular jobs/tasks. I think we are not.

For the administrator it is a daily tasks job. depends on certain parameters .some of them could be automated as it will ease the process of the administration. but some tasks are impossible to be done through the automated tasks. i.e. : check new releases or versions . install some new modules etc .

Of course you hate admins. but think of administrator as the traffic light not farm-owner. here's an example : I see the traffic-man(traffic light)is controlling/has privilege to decide which group of cars is allowed to pass and which are not. but it's his job to co-ordinate the traffic(not to control people) .but when someone decide to break the rules traffic-man will take an action. This action is based on law(charter in our case).

You can install drupal on your system and compare it with website you will see that the site is enhanced and rearranged in a proper form that help all member to's not easy thank for who start it at all.

Our charter is highlighting on how to make it easy for the community as arrangement and co-ordination .not as privilege to control people.

I am afraid if we run our automated-website based on machine I am afraid that the machine it self start enhance it's base code and it will empower the humans. it's an assumption.$i

The current charter does not promote free technology at an idealogical level It is a good thing to promote free technology at an ideological level The current charter does not motivate people to participate, in promoting free technology

the charter as you described is the law book of the community ;simply this community exists to promote any technology related to free/open source software. We are not promoting our charter we promote the foss.

  • the foss as ideology
  • the foss as impelemntation
  • the foss for universities and schools.
  • the foss as home-desktop-computer,
  • the foss as sme solution,
  • the foss *

every point is tailored according to the situation that you stand promoting the thing.

The charter is not limiting any member to start or to take initiative of promoting foss for any kind of the above points or any missed one,by other words you need no permission to spread/promote foss anywhere for any reason.

Since you are discussing the charter make it on a new forum thread.

Diaa Radwan

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