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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

Linux Installation Festival @ Mansoura University Faculty Of Engineering

There will be an installation festival at Mansoura University Faculty Of Engineering Conrol lab.

The control lab is in the second floor directly below the technology club and the library.

Facebook event page:

Congratulations ubuntu-eg

We want to congratulate our friends on ubuntu-eg for thier first event which we announced before on EGLUG, guys keep it up.

Lucid Release Party in Alexandria

Place Cafe de la paix - Raml Station - Alex

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Release Party at Cairo University

Ubuntu-eg is organizing a Release Party for Lucid Lynx release. We are planning to give the following sessions beside helping people to install the newest release of Ubuntu.

EGLUG Installfest 2010 Videos, Photos, Articles and Reports

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InstallFest Zagazig Uni.

Welcome everybody .. Eglug is organizing a new InstallFest in the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology at Zagazig University on Sunday the 2nd of May 2010.

We're planning on giving the following sessions:

-- Free Culture

-- Introduction to Free/Open Source software

-- Installing GNU/Linux

-- Windows/Mac Vs GNU/Linux, Showing the alternative Software

-- Desktop Program

تقرير عن إحتفالية تنصيب جنو/لينوكس ٢٠١٠

التقرير ده عن مهرجان تنصيب جنو/لينوكس اللي عملناه أول الشهر ده اللي كان في ساقية الصاوي.

Open Source: Computing for the masses

Open Source: Computing for the masses
By: Mohamed ElGohary

At the El Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamalek, Al-Masry Al-Youm sponsored the "Free Open Source" festival on Saturday, also known as "Install Fest" or "GNU Linux" day. Volunteers held sessions on a range of topics, with a focus on the Open Source concept, explaining how even common applications could enhance user security.

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EGLUG InstallFest - يوم البرمجيات الحرة

تدعوكم مجموعة مستخدمي جنو لينكس في مصر لحضور يوم البرمجيات الحرة المقام بقاعة النهر في ساقية الصاوي بالزمالك في يوم السبت الثالث من أبريل.

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EGLUG installFest, Call for volunteers

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