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Moderators meeting minutes

Date 7 Mar 2010
Time 06:00 CLT
Duration 45 mins
Attendies linuxawy, BooDy, Pronco, bahaa2008

1- Determine the moderators role and tasks.
2- Determine admins role and tasks.
3- Suggested work to start with.
4- Statistics about

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Admins and moderators teams

Administators team:

Moderators team:

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Finally, moves to a new home

Hey everyone,

We just finished moving to our new host. We've been working to fix some issues with the website and we're mostly done. If you face any problems accessing please contact us ASAP.


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Who do you choose as moderators

  • all the 4 who proposed (DesertFox, Faissl, bahaa2008, Pronco)
  • Choose only 2 of them by elections
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Call for moderators

Hi Guys,

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How many moderators should have?

  • 9 ( 20% of the senior members )
  • 5 ( 20% of the senior members who logged in within the last 6 months )
  • only 2, the website ain't that active
  • as much as you can, we need a lot of work here
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EGLUG going to VPS - at last :)

Hi all,

This hosting plan is as following:

  • 360 M RAM
  • 4 Xen CPU Instances.
  • 16G HDD (on a RAID 10 sotrage)
  • 200G monthly bandwidth

I have met him and already took the money from him. Admins team should decide when the move is going to happen isA.

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Requesting to be a moderator

Hello Linuxers :)

I always browse EGLUG's website each day to see what's new, sadly, I noticed recently that it is being plagued by spam, which is a thing that all of us doesn't like.

So because that the admins are not following this issue closely, and per linuxawy's advice, I request to be a moderator to fight spam here :D

I am wondering how should this thing go?


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3rd Session in Alex Summer Course

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Software Freedom Day Campaign in Alexandria University

Software Freedom Day Campaign in Alexandria University.

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