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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

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Report on EGLUG's First Meeting

EGLUG gathering @ Sakia

There will be a EGLUG gathering next Saturday at EL Sakia from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The gathering is topic free, but there are many interesting and important topics that we will want to discuss, like all the Off agenda points brought up in the first EGLUG meeting, please drop by and ask your friends who have any questions or problems with GNU/Linux to join us.

The EGLUG gathering is open for everyone :-)

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EGLUG participates in MENGOS workshop on IT usage in Human rights and development activism

نظم الورشة تحت رعاية جمعية نشطاء على الإنترنت ومقرها بالولايات المتحدة, ومركز مجتمع المعرفة وهو مركز جديد تحت التأسيس مقره القاهرة, ومديرته د.مارلين تادرس, والتى تقوم حاليا بتدريس الكمبيوتر والإنترنت بالجامعات بالولايات المتحدة.

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EGLUG Meeting Agenda

We will be meeting at noon at El Sawy Cultural Center (El Sakia) on Saturday the 3rd of July. The proposed agenda is as follows:

  1. Working out the details of EGLUG courses at El Sakia: who teaches what when and to whom
  2. Deciding on the Alexandria InstallFest; where and when?
  3. Improving cooperation with Linux-Egypt: how and why?
  4. Marketing EGLUG: how?
  5. Improving access to Linux distros and linux books and other things.
  6. The website; challenges facing us, improvements needed, suggestions (and praise for Alaa, Manal, whirlpool, and ramez for their great work!)
  7. Discussing and ratifying the EGLUG charter
  8. Discussing ideas for group work such as writing a book, translating articles, etc. (brainstorming)
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Al Sakia cultural center to act as a distribution centers

رحبت ساقية عبد المنعم الصاوى بان تكون نقطة توزيع ل جنو لينوكس

و لقد تم توصيل الاقراص المدمجة لبعض التوزيعات للساقية كى يقوموا بتوزيعها

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المرحلة الثانية من مشروع ترجمة Drupal

بعد انهاء أكثر من 95% من ترجمة نظام المبنى عليه صفحتنا بدأنا اليوم المرحلة الثانية من مشروع التعريب باضافة 21 ملف ترجمة جديد خاص بوحدات دروبال الاضافية.

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EGLUG courses

تم اقتراح فكرة تقديم كورسات عن البرمجيات الحرة خاصة بـ EGLUG, يقوم بتقديمها أعضاء EGLUG لأعضاء EGLUG. تحدثنا مع العاملين بساقية عبد المنعم الصاوى فى إمكانية إسخدام معمل الكمبيوتر الخاص بهم, فتحمسوا جدا للفكرة و وافقوا عليها.

نريد الآن عمل قائمة بالكورسات التى يستطيع بعض الأعضاء تقديمها, و قائمة أخرى بالكورسات التى يريد الأعضاء تعلمها.

Participating in Egypt and Youth Initiatives Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to engage youth in a discussion about youth led initiatives in Egypt and the elements that could strengthen such initiatives. The topics for discussion will be:

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ChewingTeeth (1): PAM

The PAM Idea is very simple: Any application require authentication or want to authenticate users can link against PAM. But suppose that we have 2 methods for authentication: password files and ldap for example, In this case if we are not using PAM, and we are writing an application to authenticate the users, we'll have to implement both authentication methods, and if we want to add a 3rd method later, then we'll have to implement it again. This maybe simple for 1 or 2 apps. but now we have login, ftpd, sshd, telnetd, samba, ........ All of them need authentication.

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Introducing the EOSBC to the Egyptian GNU/Linux Community

I met the people responsible for the EOSBC last Tuesday and can report that the work they are doing is well aligned with the ideals we have in mind.

Mr. Enzo Pulliati is our contact person there, and I asked him to write a few introductory paragraphs for the linux community to get to know each other. Please read what Enzo has written below, and feel free to ask him any questions which might occur to you.

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