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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

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Second Charter Draft

The charter

The Bahram Document

Article 1 - Title

The title of the group is The Egyptian GNU/Linux Users Group - مجموعة مستخدمى جنو/لينكس فى مصر.

The lug shall be referred to as EGLUG - جنو/لينكس مصر

the domain name of the group shall be

Article 2 - Why Does exist

  • To promote the use of Free/Open Source Software in general and GNU/Linux in particular within Egypt
  • To provide support for GNU/Linux and Free/Open Source Software users and contributors in Egypt
  • To build a thriving, proactive and friendly community of GNU/Linux and Free/Open Source Software users.
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An Attempt at writing a simpler charter

An Attempt at writing a simpler charter


The charter document should be read by each and every member at registration time, for this to be realistic it needs to be as simple and short as possible.

I suggest we take out some sections of the charter and make them into separate documents.

why, first of all its easier to agree on the broad ideas behind the charter, while a debate about what kind of speech is allowed might take forever.

in case of a strong disagreement the only way out is voting but the rules of voting are stated in the charter, we need a simple charter

moving to new host

the new home is donated by Alaa, Uniball, WhirlPool and MadFarmAnimalz.

in the future eglug should have an independant space and the cost should be shared by the members.

but we don't need to worry about that at the moment, this space is good for about 6 months.

cheers, Alaa

Confirmed EGLUG Meeting

We have confirmed the date and the location of the first EGLUG meeting. It will be 3rd of July 2004 at noon at El Sakia Cultural Center in Zamalek.

This is a meeting for EGLUG. The purpose is:

  1. To get to know the people in EGLUG we are working with
  2. To discuss relevant issues face to face
  3. To have a good cup of coffee or tea

We need:

  1. An agenda of things needing discussion
  2. Someone to volunteer to take notes and report on the meeting here on the website
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Bakkar congratulates Tux on Eglug

Lots of celeberities are now congratulating Tux for the new star in the GNU/Linux world ... EGLUG !!

Linux-Egypt congratulates Eglug

AlSalamo 3aleikom, Linux-Egypt has dispatched a message on their forums congratulating Eglug and hoping it would improve in the spread of use of free software in Egypt.


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Do you think that "eglug" should be changed to something else ?

  • Yes\n* No\n* \n* \n* \n
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ما رأيك فى هذا الموقع الأختبارى

  • ممتاز\n* جيد جدا\n* جيد\n* مقبول\n* سيئ\n* لا أعرف\n
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Challenges for the new website

To set up a website the way we described in the Wiki (we need to import this stuff here) there are some descisions we need to make, and some challenges facing us that may require coding or altering the way we work.

The real challanges are not in the CMS though, its in coming up with new guidelines and rules of governance.

sticky topics like posting guidelines, moderation guidelines, administration guidelines, who belongs to which user group and how to determine the criterea, how to avoid conflicts, how to encourage contribution etc.

I will stick to the drupal specific problems here, the rest needs a long dialogue.

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هل نستخدم الوان مختلفة ؟

  • نعم\n* لا\n
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