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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

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FOSS Intro in Faculty of engineering, Alex

Introduction to FOSS presented by Ahmed Mekkawy AKA linuxawy in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

Place: Faculty of Engineering, Preparatory Building, (m1) lectures hall

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New theme is applied

The new theme is applied as stated in the poll.

Please everyone provide us with feedbacks about the new theme if we should change anything about it..

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Would you like to change the current eglug theme to be the one proposed in

  • sure, the proposed theme looks great.
  • not really, I'm compfortable with the current theme.
  • I do want to change, but can we choose another theme? I don't like the proposed one.
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Promoting linuxawy to be website Administrator


Alaa one of the founders of eglug has suggested that we should promote linuxawy to be a website admin,and I find this a good idea since we are already short in administrators and he is doing a great job. So let us collect the votes and the points

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GUC GNU/Linux lab - Volunteers needed.

The GUC needs help installing GNU/Linux on all the computers in one of their labs. Volunteers needed to help them with the installation. If you're interested please comment here and if you're not please spare us the flame war.

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EgLUG Breakfast "Iftar"

Hello All,

We would like to have a breakfast "Iftar" and we were thinking about places , Roastry zamalk , hussin or anyplace else , please give your feedback. Iftar will be next Thursday 25/9/2008.

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مطلوب متطوعين ليوم ويكيبيديا العربية الرابع في القاهرة

تم اقتراح عمل يوم رابع للقيام بنشاط كبير

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Freedom of Creation Workshop - Artisits interested to work with GNU/Linux multimedia tools

I got this in my email, and wanted to share it with you. I think someone from EGLUG should participate in that workshop and let's know how it went, and let the organizers and participants know of our existence.


A workshop on GNU/Linux free software and video-making
3-6 April 2008

In the world of artistic creation, free software means tools that are accessible to everyone, for the freedom of expression. This workshop will focus on GNU/Linux applications available for recording, editing and publishing of audio/video materials. Participants will be introduced to the vast choice of possibilities free and open source software can offer. As the workshop progresses, each participant will be encouraged to use and adapt applications that best suits his or her own ideas and needs. This workshop, makes use of a beginner's approach to the topic at hand, explains various techniques of multimedia production using only free and open source software

EGLUG Social gathering Tomorrow "Reminder"

Hello Eglug-ers,

Eglug Cairo gathering

The Egyptian GNU/Linux users group members in Cairo will have a social gathering in Roastery, Zamalek on Saturday the 20th of October. come and join us for a drink. Coffee Roastery, Zamalek

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