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Welcome to The Egyptian GNU/Linux Users Group (EGLUG)


EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community.

This is a short introduction of what EGLUG and the EGLUG website offers.

EGLUG Website Sections and Services

Contributing to EGLUG Website

You might have noticed how important the main navigation menu is, please explore all its options.

please note that any contributions you share with us become community property, you don't own or control these contributions they belong to everyone on EGLUG, don't get upset when others modify and build on your contributions or use them in their FOSS related work, this is the nature of FOSS.

Keeping up with the EGLUG website

Since the EGLUG website has many sections it can be difficult to keep track of new content and changes, here are several methods to help you keep up with updates in EGLUG:

  • The Right Side area has listings of new content that can help you keep up it includes
    • a List of new forum topics and forum topics that had new replis recently
    • a list of new articles
    • a list of upcoming events

  • you can keep track of comments on content or forum questions you created by visiting your account page (link from the main navigation menu on the right) then click on the track tab above.
  • you can get notifications of changes, new content or new comments by email if you like through the subscription feature
    • if you find pages you are interested in and want to keep track of comments posted on that page click on the subscribe post link.

Regular Meetings


_NOTE_:Coming to our IRC room is not an execuse to don't come the next Al Sakia meeting!


Al Sakia is one of our partners, EGLUG works with partners to realize projects and activities, if you know of any organizations that are interested in FOSS and GNU/Linux please tell us about them, we are always seeking new partners.


Alaa's picture

full fledged draft, feedback?

I took mdk_man's advices and feedback (thanx again mdk_man) and wrote a full fledged intro to EGLUG and the EGLUG website.

what do you think about it?? is it too long? is it over kill? is it missing anything?

you like its form and formatting?


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

Alaa's picture

then help me

very good ideas as I now come to expect from you.

but I don't think I can do the make it more friendly and emotional thing, so why don't you hit the edit link and try to edit my post and add nice words to it?

don't worry about mistakes, the system keeps a copy of all versions and we can go back to the previos version anytime.

as for smilies, it is possible to add smilies, but in my opinion they should be unique smilies, specially designed for EGLUG otherwise we'll just be encouraging people to abuse them (which is the standard behavior in all forums, where you get too many smilies in one page, sometimes posts with only smilies and no one can understand whats going on).

so are you good with graphics? can you help design special smilies for us? I was thinking maybe smiling penguins and gnus to keep with the GNU/Linux theme.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

Alaa's picture

look above

edit is in the tabs at the top of each page, tabs are different views of the same thing, so you get edit, revisions and diffs there.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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