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Here we post articles detailing how to do a certain task or solve a certain problem
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Editing /etc/fstab

Hello , Its Me Again

The original author was thinking to write how-to mount windows partition but the idea gets more fat to get more than windows to be generally FSTAB

On Mandrake and some other Distributions, The System mounts Windows Partitions Automatically,

By Other Means, When You cd To /mnt/windows ... You'll Find Your Files there ...

But on Fedora Core and some other Distributions, You Must mount your Windows Partitions each Time you Boot into your System ...

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Solution to the DSL-500T Router problem

Solution to the DSL-500T Router problem

The only DLink ADSL router in the market, as of January 2005, in Cairo is the model DSL-500T. It is sold at around 340 EGP from a DLink distributer at a new computer mall in Heliopolis named Souq El 3asr (brands).

Before buying this model, I heard that there might be some issues with ssh connections. However, I knew that T models of DLink routers run GNU/Linux, so I didn't bother since Linux is an open platform, we are familiar with, we can hack and troubleshoot up to compiling a new kernel.

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Using The AutoTools(Scripts)

Using The AutoTools

If you think one day to start programming on linux, sure you will use C language (not me, i will always use assembly), but when your program sources get biggers as its version increase or you want to publish its source code, how users gonna to use it, are they gonna to compile every source file separetely then link them all together, no it's a bad idea and very handy, you will have to use the autoscripts.

IRC/XChat Howto

What is IRC?

IRC is a text based chatting protocol. You as a user chat through what is called IRC client. The client is a program installed on your system and connects to an IRC network. A network is a group of servers connected to each other to manage the exchange of messages.

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This is not a reference to IPTABLES in any way it is just a start that i gathered from several other documents with my humble knowledge and experience and i hope it could get you started with the firewalls configuration. This document is far from complete and I'll be adding more as soon as i have the time


Before we mention anything about firewalls i need to point out a critical point “a firewall’s power lies within the configuration” meaning that no matter what the firewall application power is, a weak configuration will weaken it.And also remember that security is not just a firewall. Think of a firewall as just a first line of defense you need to secure your applications and keep your system updated and patched for any exploits to secure your applications Mainly a firewall is used to block or allow certain traffic based upon the network needs, it may block all incoming requests or it may allow requests to go through to the mail server within the local network The firewall in Linux sits in the kernel waiting for network traffic from the NICs and handles it as mentioned in the configuration file.

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Using Vi Editor

The vi editor is certainly not the easiest and most user-friendly text editor, but because of its wide availability and existence on most linux systems

The vi editor operates in two basic modes:

  1. Command mode
  2. Insert mode

when vi is started, it is in command mode. This mode allows you to enter commands to edit files or navigate your text file. However, you can only add or insert text by using the insert mode. from command mode, you can enter insert mode by typing the letter i. To return to command mode, use the Escape key

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From power up to bash prompt

هذة المقالة توصف بأختصار ماذا يحدث فى نظام اللينكس عندما تبدء الجهاز حتى تسجل دخولك . فهم هذا سوف يساعدك عندما تريد حل بعض المشاكل او تتحكم فى اعدادات جهازك.

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using yum by arabic

أستخدام yum

مما لا شك فيه ان كل مستخدمى "fedora" و "yellow-dog" يعلمون هذه الادوات التى يطلق عليها yum و فى هذه القطعة سنعرف ما هو yum و كيفية أستخدامه و ما هى المميزات و العيوب الموجودة فيه. و سنتكلم عن ملف yum.conf"" و أخيرا سنتعرف على بعض الروابط المفيدة والمتعلقة بyum

ما هو yum؟

هو متفاعل و هو من البرامج التى بها التحديث الذاتى و التى يمكنك أستخدامه فى حماية نظام التشغيل لمستخدم rpm. التى تعنى أنك تستطيع أستخدام yum لتحميل حزمة برامج ال rpm الجديدة او تحديث الحزمة الموجودة . فالكلمة yum تعنى "yellow dog updater modified"

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Using YUM

***This Article is old and outdated, Dont use it with FC4***

Using Yum

No doubt that every single Yellow-Dog and Fedora user knows this awesome tool named YUM. In this article we will know what is YUM and how to use it and what are the advantages and disadvantages that exist in YUM. We will also talk a little bit about the yum.conf file. And finally we will get to know some useful links related to YUM. Here we go !. :)

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