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Admins and moderators teams

Administators team:

Moderators team:

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Software Freedom Day at Menofia Hosted By (MUFIX Community)

The very first Software Freedom Day held at Menoufia University. SFD is is about educating the public with the benefits of using high quality free and open source software on both beginner and professional levels.

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Under Construction Articles Status

This page is to evaluate and coordinate the under construction articles..

The status of the wiki page is to be one of (active, inactive, obsolete)

the tracker (if applicable) is the one who is focusing on a wiki page to update/complete it..

Candidates for Administration position in Feb. 2007

List of moderators, senior users or ex-admins who want to become Administrators:

  1. BooDy: I know PHP, MySQL, Drupal, And of course GNU/Linux. I work as a software developer and mainly my work is with LAMP and my own personal blog is powered by drupal. That's all what you need to know I guess.
  2. You. And tell about your skills here.
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Front page proposal

Trying to do items 5 and 6 from :

The main problem was that new users don't know how to navigate the website properly. Most of us know we have to click on recent posts to track new content, but that also has a problem; updated pages don't get bumped to the top of the list.

Some people suggested redesigning the theme. I don't think we need such a drastic change. My idea is to make a face page that contains the stuff we need to show new users and guests. This wiki page will be an attempt to build that page :

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Admin meeting minutes 8/10/2006

1- Discuss and Accept the AUP amendment to add kickban with certain rules. It will be proposed in a separate thread. Then ballots will be collected and a poll constructed accordingly.

2- Review the backup script, and create a cron job to automatically invoke it, three days of mysql dumps will be stored on the server , copies will be stored on the 4 admins machines, rotating daily on the admins. Document root will be rsynced weekly.

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رخصة جنو للوثائق الحرة:

رخصة جنو للوثائق الحرة GFDL هي الرخصة الرسمية لجنو. كتبت هذه الرخصة لترخيص الوثائق، ملفات المساعدة الخ.

هذه الرخصة من أكثر الرخص الحرة للوثائق انتشارا، حيث تستخدم في:

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Hello everyone.

If you were trying to access on 28 Wednesday July night, you might have recieved an error instead.

I have contacted the support of out hosting company and they replied that it was due to repeated power outages. ( quick response time they have, good. ).

I hope this doesn't happen again.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

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Handover protocol

This document is a place holder for a new charter extension, a draft to what we would like to call the handover protocol. Darkness_Wolf is the one who really pushed for this, I totally agree with him. It is much delayed totally due to our laziness.


The handover protocol serves as a set of guidelines to the repeating situation of the Admin team change. In order to allow every new team of Admin to start their duties as soon as possible, the following needs to be done. It is the responsibility of the previous admin team to see these guidelines are enforced; as well as the responsibility of the new admin team to make sure they recieve their priviliges fully.

Candidates for an Administrator Position

here is the list of Senior Users who want to become Administrators

  1. alienbrain

If u want to add your name to the list of candidates, please edit this page.

NOTE: You have to be a senior user or moderator or a ex-administrator to run

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