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تقرير عن إحتفالية تنصيب جنو/لينوكس ٢٠١٠

التقرير ده عن مهرجان تنصيب جنو/لينوكس اللي عملناه أول الشهر ده اللي كان في ساقية الصاوي.

Install fest 2010

Event Details
Date: Saturday, 03 April 2010
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: River Hall, Sawy Culture wheel, Zamalek, Cairo.


Session 2

Ain Shams CS introductory session

Session Title

  • A bit of history
    • RMS and the FSF
    • Linus and the kernel (story)
    • OSI (maybe to know the name)
  • The philosophy
  • GNU Linux
  • Communities
  • Current global status

. .

  • A Hacker's Paradise
  • What can you do next

Basic System Administration

0x0b Basic System Administration


0x1) Users and Groups (create,remove,assign to group,important file)

0x2) Premissions (understanding,change symbolically,change numerically)

0x3) Partitions (partitioning,info about partitions,free space,mount,fstab)

0x4) Booting (boot loader,the booting process,run levels)

0x5) Processes Management (list,top,kill,psgrep

System Administration Course in Alex

This Course Targeted to Sysadmins

Held in Alexandria From 15/8/2009

1- Linux System Basics
2- Basic CLI
3- System Administration
4- BASH Scripting part1
5- BASH Scripting part2
6- Networking in Linux
7- Basic Security Practices
8- Light GUI
9- Installing LAMP (apache,php,mysql) + Wordpress

BASH Scripting 0x01

0x0d BASH Scripting 0x01


0x1) What is BASH?

0x2) What is 'scripting'?

0x3) How could I write a BASH script?

0x4) What are the pros and cons compared to a real programming language?

0x5) How useful it can be in administering your Linux box?

0x6) Basic BASH syntax.

0x7) BASH hello world.

0x8) Homework.

0x9) Notes.

- These are the key poin

Linux System Basics

0x0a Linux System Basics


0x1) What is Linux?

0x2) Who made Linux?

0x3) Why Linux?

0x4) How to get help and support?

0x5) Linux System Structure.

0x6) The Linux Mentality.

- These are the main key points we are going to discuss in this session.

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ItemAmountEstimated costnotes
Flyers10,000750done (still need fatora daribeya)
T-shirts50825may be more
ID's for volunteers50150we are gonna buy them
Banners35501x 180x60 + 2x 200x85 with stand
CD's (blanks only)1,000825done
Printing CD labels1,000750done (still need fatora darybeya)

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sample letter

This is an initial attempt for a letter to be directed to companies, don't use as is, read it carefully and edit it first

Dear Sir,

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