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minutes and reports from eglug Events
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AUC cooperation

Today Cvirus, me and mostafa as3ad attended a meeting with the student activities coordinator of the AUC to arrange possible future cooperation.

First I'd like to thank Mostafa for his efforts in opening this door, and getting the ball rolling. I hope good comes out of this.

The coordinator was very friendly, and she was interested in cooperating with us. There were two possible ways to do this. Either under the umbrella of a continuous effort they have called the ICIT, or under the auspices of their CS department.

يوم ويكيبيديا العربية الثاني - 30 سبتمبر


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GUC Sub-Pamphlet (combined)

Q: I've heard about Linux, but I still don't understand how it can be free.

A: You're talking about the price tag, right? Well, first of all, one reason why it is free is because the people who work on it don't ask for money to do so. This probably sounds a little strange; someone working hard for you for free? It begins to make a little more sense, though, if you try to imagine something like 100 people working together for each other for free: one person contributes only the fruits of his own efforts, but benefits from the efforts of 99 others, in addition to his own. Of course, some people are paid to work on linux, but it is usually through channels such as sponsorship from companies such as IBM.

Organization of WikiMania 2007 in Alexandria


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يوم ويكيبيديا العربية


GUC Organization

This event is DONE Thanks for all participants.

Big thanks to Mr. Moutaz Haddara for his effort in coordinating , and his personal interest in the matter.

!!!! Thanks to all of you for your help, dedication, and patience. As you all know, event organization is a learning process :) so I hope that GUC (and I) overcome our problems next time to plan more properly, anyway thank you very much, it was very successful.

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Music Applications on Linux

The session was attended by six members, excluding Diaa. I had anticipated that no less than ten would come, so I waited until 5:15, then the session started.

My plan was to concentrate on the file formats used in music production (rather than just play-back), and give a brief idea about related pieces of software, besides an introduction to the technologies (and libraries) needed to make all of that possible.

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ما حدث فى اللقاء

الساعه 3:00

  • الجلوس على ارض خضراء فى حديقة الساقيه
  • كان عدد الحضور 25 من الاعضاء المحترفين والاعضاء الجددولكن فى النهايه وصل العدد الى 35 عضو

الساعه 3:30

  • كل عضو يخبرنا عن الطريقه التى سمع بها عن المجموعه
  • اغلبية الاعضاء سمعو عن المجموعه من مهرجان تثبيت اللينكس و كلام الاصدقاء
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draft 1st annual meeting minutes


  • Sitting on a green lawn in the sakia's garden
  • 25 member, but by the end we where 35


  • Each member is telling how he heared about the group
  • Many of the members knew about eglug from the Installfest and word of mouth
  • Alaa started asking if there is problems with the EGLUG website
  • Members starting saying their opinions about the site design (mdkman)
  • Debate if we are just a forum for technical support or a platform for making activities
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Report On The FOSS Conference 13-15 March 2005

متطوعو مجموعة جنو/ليونكس مصر الذين شاركوا فى المؤتمر:

  1. ADminS
  2. Alaa
  3. BooDy
  4. Conceptor
  5. DarKnesS_WolF
  6. DJ KING
  7. Eg_linux
  8. Ezabi
  9. Manal
  10. Marwa
  11. MohammedSameer
  12. Mohammed Yousif
  13. Phaeron
  14. Pronco
  15. RamezHanna
  16. robertoramsis
  17. Whirlpool

اليوم الأول:

الجزء الأول:

الكلمة الأفتتاحية للمؤتمر كانت للدكتورة/ مالين تدرس (مركز مجتمع المعرفة) . ثم تحدث الدكتور/ عادل الزعيم عن مكتب البحوث للتنمية الدولية و أمثلة لبعض المشروعات التى تعتمد على البرمجيات الحرة مفتوحة المصدر فى أفريقيا . وايضا تحدث مهندس / أحمد السبكى عن البرمجيات الحرة مفتوحة المصدر فى افريقيا و فلسفة البرمجيات الحرة مفتوحة المصدر.

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