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Eglug unoccupied Administrator position

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we need to have one administrator on administrators team after MohamedSameer stepping back form administrators team.

Any senior member can nominate for this position .

the candidate should do :

now the procedure will be as follow:

we will have to wait 3 days after recent wiki change (after adding/remove any candidate his name).

if we have one nominated administrator we will wait 3 days after the first 3 days to give the community chance to add someone else.

if we have more than one senior member on the wiki page after the first 3 days without change we will have election between them .

if you have any comments please says it.

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ok guys i think this time it's over. 6 days have passed. 3 days the list was stable, and having only one runner and 3 days after that also passed before we can approve this only runner to be an Administrator. now all what left is the current administrators team approval.


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