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Ubuntu 10.04 on Netbook Toshiba Dynabook UX/NB205/NB200

I'm giving here my experience with getting ubuntu 10.04 to work with Toshiba NB205.

After Clean Installation I get everything to run out of the box unless:

  • Issues with built-in speakers, Audio Works with headphones but not with the speakers.
  • Bluetooth don't discovered by default.
  • USB Modem Etislat.

I got them to work by:

  • Issues with built-in speaker:

Add the following line to the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf. Then reboot your netbook and it'll works as charm.

  • Bluetooth

  • USB Modem Etislat.

Works after installing usb-modeswitch package.
By this command, with internet connection (LAN or Wireless) as they work out of the box All the other hardware works out of the box.

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I heard from many people

I heard from many people that Etisalat USB Modem worked out of the box on Ubuntu 10.04

yes but i had problem with

yes but i had problem with one i tested here and I had to install package usb-modeswitch only to override this problem.

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