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Do you have confidence that the current admin team are doing their job well?

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i said no.. but

but the answer is not to rush for changing the moderators team. let's not blame them before we can spot where the problem is. as for i can see it's based on these points:

3) and the smallest problem among those, is that they don't have enough free time.

let's see how to solve these problems then give them another chance, or change some of them but don't exchange all the team. that's my openion. if this poll was to change the team i would answer no.. what they need mainly is correction not changing.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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should we do it..!

1) should we communicate behalf of them or what..????????

2) If they can`t manage them self then they cant manage us ....

3) that is the biggest thing and what they all complain from

its there own proplm and we can`t solve it for them

I Was Known as POSIX

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admins are not supposed to

admins are not supposed to manage you, they are not even supposed to manage the content of, they are supposed to manage the technical backend behind that's all.


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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I am completely agree with you , and i didnot said they supose to do

Linuxawy was saying some reason for why admin don`t do there tasks,

and i was replaieng him from my point of view he said thaat they do`nt communicate enough so what its own proplem Linuxawy

i have nothing more to say

I Was Known as POSIX

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i voted yes

in my opinion i can`t see any qualified guys to replace those admins so maybe we should give them another chance

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yes yes yes

If there is non-qualified admin we should train some people to be qualified and i think our admins won`t mind giving 2 or 3 session for admin and qualification without work is nothing

I Was Known as POSIX

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not a bad idea but I'm

not a bad idea but I'm worried it might not be very realistic given how inactive and busy the current admins are,


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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A healthy community

It is a sign of a healthy community that the community reacts positively to weaknesses like we are doing now.

Part of the reason why we formed EGLUG as opposed to was that at LE, the administrative team was unresponsive and there was no community mechanism to fix this.

EGLUG is a democratic community; when the administrative team becomes a problem, we vote them out and vote another team in. This is what we are doing now.

What you are seeing is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. EGLUG, thanks to its democratic nature, proves with this vote that it is probably one of the strongest LUGs anywhere, not just in the region.


i voted No


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I found many times that

I found many times that problems raise because it was the task of X and he can't find time to do it. Also there is no escalation !!!! IMO if X can't find time to do the tasks ,give it to another one.

Also many time X said "OK, don't bother you self, you are a member and i am an Admin. It is my task and I'll do it someday when I'll have time. So go away now and have a nice time.

This is my opinion. I like this community and i hope to find it success all the time.

Ahmed Hashim
Hacker from the Earth

Busy Admins

I think they are busy some how ... So NO

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I can't make a decision

I'm new to the group so I had no openions about administration of the group, but this a very good thing that the management team is evaluate it self time to time, it keeps the groupe a live and effective, I hope to contribute soon.


Ahmed M. Elsebaey

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i vote no but

inot agree that they are bad what i mean is they need organization

just like ikhnatoon said

and i noticed that sometimes you are agressive with some users

and finally i found that conceptor is more helpful than someone told

but we need more availability


Alex view

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The rule of the admins is

The rule of the admins is to take care of the website, Not to help people.

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I can't beleive myself

I can't beleive myself or may be I don't understand. Do you want the admins team to step back??? WOW, I'm surprised, is this community in Egypt?? If this vote results in stepping back the admins team, are they going to handover their tasks to the new team?!!

Anyway, I think it's a mattar of organization. So, X should know that he is responsable on doing A and he's a backup person for Y. Y do B and he's a backup of Z and so on. X,Y and Z should have all the skills and facilities (permanent access, passwords if needed, time, ...) to do their known tasks.

And yes, we need new blood here, some active persons with more free time and who care about the members specially new comers.

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don't know!!

I really don't know ,as I just joined the community yesterday..

People are (10) kinds; Those who understand BINARY and those who don't!!

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Actually I voted no. More on this later.

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i voted yes

... Has anyone here considred possible replacements for a while?

I can't think of many mods who will step up to be the new admins.

most of the people who know drupal,php,etc. well enough to run the site are the current admins.

This should have been done in another way. maybe an election for addition of new admins that understand the technical aspects of the website and can handle the job.

It's definetly gonna end like that. 70% current team + new admins

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Well the outcome is quite

Well the outcome is quite obvious, but I'd like to say one thing. It is out of love to eglug and concern to it's community, that we do this.

It's actaully healthy democratics, not hate or disdain to the old team. There was a time when they lifted eglug to its peak, but times grow and the world changes.

Don't want to sound like poetry, but it's true. Anyways, I suppose the replacement admins will have the time to learn adminship properly and will be coached by the old admins for a while.

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hello i edited the poll to put it into front page. and to be automaticly closed in 2 weeks.


Live Free Or Die...

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I say no

The time I can spare for the FOSS community is spent outside EGLUG these days, I hope this will change soon but I must admit I'm not being a admin when I'm needed.

Ezabi and Whirlpool consistantly fail to be admins (even when it comes to paying hosting fees).

Msameer is still a very valuable admin IMO he is about the only person who manages to spare time for it but it's not enough.

Conceptor (diaa) is a very active and valuable member, but unfortunatly he wasn't much help when it comes to maintining the website, I'd elect again though a person known to be reliable and active is always useful. and maybe a healtheir team will encourage him to do more.

small reminder though, the moderators team aren't doing much either, Diaa was doing all the editorial work almost on his own.


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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Because mentioned admins still don't have suitable access, as Conceptor said it's only $HOME and that's all.

Unfortunately for hosting fees my credit card statement for the last month states elsewise.

And of course fresh dedicated blood is needed in all positions.

The original founders had more free time and were not enslaved at work when they made the most significant success, so this IMHO is what we need. Complain, do nothing, get your free Patagonian identity.

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You guys make it sound

You guys make it sound like the feast and the sheep being led to the slaughter house, new blood and all. :P

Ok Ok lame joke. Is there a way we can make this go faster, the admin team itself has voted "no", can't imagine anything offsetting that.

Can we have the elections already?

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i agree i'm a modrator and i didn't have much time recently to do much work for eglug as u all can see.


Live Free Or Die...

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I vote no

Of our 5 admins, whirlpool and ezabi have done nothing and will continue to do nothing, Diaa is doing almost nothing and doesn't even have access. Alaa and Sameer are not free and cannot do all that needs to be done alone.

As such, I have no confidence in the current team. This poll will last 7 days, after which if the majority votes no, we kick out the admins and elect a new more effective team.

Ezabi, whirlpool, and Diaa: if you agree that we need new admins please say so in here.


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I have access ,and I can ls on $HOME

sorry Youssef Diaa is doing almost nothing and doesn't even have access.

is this your own personal opinion or it is MohamedSammer's expression.or it's the fact.

well I am asking if the current Admin team vote for no ,why this poll will last for 14 days?

as you asked this question direct to me "if you agree that we need new admins please say so in here"

my answer is "if you can be admin (any mod.) please say it in here so we can decide will we have useless admins or effective ones "

Diaa Radwan

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Diaa, none of the information I have is direct since I am not an admin myself.

EGLUG is now, due to the lack of the admins' ability to keep up with needs, b0rked in several regards (search box, html formatting, etc.). Requests such as more RSS feeds have gone unanswered for weeks.

I see you have been doing a wonderful effort editorially, but if these technical issues aren't being handled then you're not carrying your weight. This is not your fault, it is the team's fault. And again, this does not mean they are bad people, it means that they have very little time and need to make space for other admins.

And yes, the concept that Diaa is basically doing nothing is as an admin and it is a deduction from one of the admins saying that it's basically only MSameer and Alaa working part-time. Additionally, the open issues with the site suggest that you also have other priorities (which is natural, it is not bad) and that we need new admins.

Diaa, habibi the state of the site suggests that the admin team could improve. Not you, the team. That means all of you.


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about diaa

Diaa does alot of work for eglug and he is the most active member among the admin team, the problem with Diaa is he doesn't do admin stuff.

as for access that was just a miscommunication I think and is mostly my mistake and not his.


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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From the charter:

All eglug members will be alerted to the poll through reasonable means, an announcement shall be published on the homepage, and the poll will remain open for at least 10 days.

Shall we send a mass email ? Can anyone draft it please ??

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You are correct

I had asked sherif Darkness_WolF to do this; he can start doing it this evening. I will follow up with him to make sure it gets done.


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Draft for the Mail

we having a new poll open for 14 days. this poll to decide if our current admin team is good enough and functionally enough as eglug administrators or we need to kick them out and get a new team?. your vote is important.and the community have to say the last word.

so what do u think guys ? shall i go and send it to the memerbs ? peace

Live Free Or Die...

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to be fair

after this IMO send it's good

Diaa Radwan

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good point

good point and i'll edit the aliase URL.


Live Free Or Die...

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Cool, Thank. How about

Cool, Thank.

How about extending the vote period to 10 days ?

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oops, Not possible. The

oops, Not possible.

The moule doesn't lis 10 days!

We have 3 options IMHO:

  1. modify the modul code.
  2. make the period 7 or 14 days
  3. propose a modification of the charter "we have to wait for this"


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Easiest option

14 days it is.

The time for the poll is hereby extended to 2 weeks.


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