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Open Source: Computing for the masses

Open Source: Computing for the masses
By: Mohamed ElGohary

At the El Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamalek, Al-Masry Al-Youm sponsored the "Free Open Source" festival on Saturday, also known as "Install Fest" or "GNU Linux" day. Volunteers held sessions on a range of topics, with a focus on the Open Source concept, explaining how even common applications could enhance user security.

Ain Shams CS introductory session

Session Title

  • A bit of history
    • RMS and the FSF
    • Linus and the kernel (story)
    • OSI (maybe to know the name)
  • The philosophy
  • GNU Linux
  • Communities
  • Current global status

. .

  • A Hacker's Paradise
  • What can you do next
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sample letter

This is an initial attempt for a letter to be directed to companies, don't use as is, read it carefully and edit it first

Dear Sir,

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Advocacy Plan

Start sending our proposal everyhow and write the channels,groups, sent to

  • Ghada Zakaria
  • Mahitab
  • Micheal
  • Sameh Mahmoud
  • Ali Wahba
  • Ahmed Salama
  • Bahaa ElSayed
  • Haithem GadelRab
  • Amr Essam
  • Emad Saber
  • Ghada M. Abozed
  • Ahmed Halawagy

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مهرجان تنصيب اللينوكس 2009 فى الاسكندرية


Monday March, 9th (Official holiday - المولد النبوي الشريف )


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المهرجان الرابع، ماله وماعليه

هذه صفحة ويكي للمشاركة في تقييم المهرجان لنخرج بدروس مستفادة


  1. ياريت نكون كسبنا ناس جديده
  2. عدد الحضور كان جيد جدا
  3. الروح العامة للمتطوعين كان جيدا


  1. الناس مش عارفه تستخدم الويكي... فضيحه
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Here is a list of the yahoo group i sent to:

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2nd fest email.


The Egyptian GNU/Linux User Group (EgLUG GNU/Linux Installfest in the rawabet theatre on the 1st of September from 11:00am.

We would like to give you a general idea of some of the things you will be seeing there.

If you have no idea what is an InstallFest. Make sure to visit this page:

Geekcorps: Calling All Egyptian Techies

From Geekcorps website:

Do you live in Egypt or have an Egyptian background? Are a techie? If so, then we want you! Geekcorps is working to increase its presence in Egypt and we need technical experts of all kinds including system administrators, education technologists, wifi experts, end user trainers, software developers, IT strategists, and more.

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