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مهرجان تنصيب اللينوكس 2009 فى الاسكندرية

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Monday March, 9th (Official holiday - المولد النبوي الشريف )


مبنى البريد - محطة مصر - الدور ال13

What is the installfest?

Why to use Gnu/Linux?

How can I help in this event?

أسماء المتطوعين:

General Ideas:

  • Gaming box, showing some games running on linux.
  • A box to install ubnutu on Flash disks.
  • We should have an ISO library, just in case anyone needed something other than ubuntu.
  • Remaster an ubuntu ISO with something like:
    • EGLug logo somewhere
    • A cool theme
    • Open Office 3.0 <li> compiz installed with ready profile
    • Firefox with flash and java and goes to
    • xchat preconfigured to access #[email protected]
    • EGLug wallpaper.
    • Music/movies codecs.
    • Fonts.
    • Some cool apps.
    • Updates
    • What else ?
  • A server install? Install GNU/Linux as a desktop AND as a server? We should have more distro's if we are going with this.
  • Local server for DNS/DHCP, ISO hosting and repository mirror.
  • Be prepared for nasty hardware problems especially if we are expecting a lot of laptop installations. I recommend we do some research on this and get the required resources before the fest.
  • have a couple of rescue CD's and Windows(original) CD just in case something gets b0rked!
  • VMware/Vbox disk images ready with GNU/Linux.
  • We need to have CD's for xubuntu for older machines (256M or lower) and ubuntu alternative installation CD (text mode installer, useful for strange hardware).


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I don't think that the

I don't think that the AAST-Aboukir thing will work. Who are you going to contact there ?

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I am ready to volunteer

I am ready to volunteer and work at the installfest, and just for your records, fest in installfest doesn't mean "feast", but it means "festival"

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Wish I could be there

Wish I could be there :(

How about another one next Sep/Oct ISA ? ;-)

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We wish you were here,

We wish you were here, next September we can organize another one under your guidance :)

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For the "ISO Library" I

For the "ISO Library" I have the following ISOs:

1. Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop 2. Ubuntu 8.10 Alternate 3. Ubuntu 8.10 Server 4. Slax 6.0.9 USB version 5. Fedora 10 DVD

Also, I have RHEL 5.3 and CentOS 5.2 CDs which linatrix gave me, I can make ISOs from them if you want too.

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your RHEL is original one?

your RHEL is original one? and if, we don't need it cause you can't copy it to people, pirated materials are not allowed.

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no keys supplied with it,

no keys supplied with it, you can skip and use the trial version when it asks about keys 30 days are given, after that the system keeps running but without updates... it is still Linux with GPL, so you can't call it pirated

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We are not allowed to

We are not allowed to distribute RHEL (It's a crappy distro anywa).

CentOS is crap too.

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This is an installfest and

This is an installfest and we are building an ISO library! so I guess we don't need a religious distro war, you are such a fanatic :D

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I didn't ask you to not

I didn't ask you to not distribute it!

I only said that we are not allowed to distribute RHEL and stated my personal opinion.


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coming and going to call

coming and going to call some of my friends who can help us but how i can contact you??

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show up in the coming

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

Hi everyone, Based on

Hi everyone,

Based on our last meeting, I added some wiki pages to organize our communication process via the wiki.

Every one should know what they are responsible for. Please start using the wiki to get things done.


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great, I've tried to

great, I've tried to populate the subpages. Does anyone see any use of the 'tasks done' section? i guess it should be completely removed

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Hello, can anybody give me

Hello, can anybody give me hints about what happened in the last coordinating meeting? I couldn't attend it because I was in Cairo, so sorry, I am going to attend the next one :)

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salamu alekom Hi every one.Congratulation for the installfest I can help wtih 4 computers

isn't ITI now near Masr

isn't ITI now near Masr train station ? the address is a little ambiguous for me

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meedan el shohada == ma7attet masr

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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