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good times, good times ...

so it's true,
i am back,
after god knows how many years away from Linux, i'm back running and tweaking my most loved OS again, ...

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am still alive, installing [email protected], run #2

Working now for Impact Advertising and Marketing, Seniour designer left [email protected], after cinvincing old designers to use inkscape for calligraphy and sketching... intending to do same shit [email protected], managment far more advanced ... , even gotThem interested in BlogginG/Internally ++ install Linux on a G5 lol gotta Love good Hardware....

btw. i guess i'm back in bussiness, have wo

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As *somone once told me 'one day 7ateltla3 fe dema3'ak we 7ate3melha' i graduated from Architectural School of the Higher Technological Institute, FINALLY, i'm a free man, i would like to applogize for all of you for my extended mandatory absence. but heck, i promise you you'll be sorry i'm back!!! he he he ... raveing about GFX and bad wesite design and ... yatta yatta yattaaaa

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demo GFX session @sakia

it seems that the manic assailant was lecturing them on the nitty gritty of what gfx is all about!!, imagine the nerve of that fellow!!, and claimed that the software tools you used didn't make the artist!! , such audacity continued for 2 houres, till the maniac was sedated by nicotine rods!

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a bit rebellious!!

still dont exactly know how to pronounce this one but the screen shots look super clean and very smooth, i'm getting all the parts from cvs right now, i wonder if this will lead me towards a new WM/Desktop crusade !! stay tuned

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when was the last time i slept!!

baby sister arrives from holland tomorow 13 different art jobs dew by the end of the week (menus / flyers / posters and shit) 4 technical drawings for collage tommorrow!! havent started yet BA Project weekly report finish up linux graphics course discription CAD detaild tech drawing dew thurshday , and to top it all off --> finals begin on next saterday!!!!! we awelha 7'ara sannah .... :(((

if MFA dares to comment on this, somebody is going to see his worst nightmare come true!!

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going up!!

i'll just let out some steam, i'm banned from linux-egypt for a week!!! , lol the over touchy mod, decided that it wasn't enough to remove a link i posted there, high in his grace desided to punish poor little shiverring me, for stating my honest opinion!!,

it's about the conexant issue again, obviously this bloody modem is as mucked up as MFA claimed it is, and here i am , the user of a sweet zoom 56k linmodem, being hit by the conexant curse!!!

no wonder every one is freeking out!! LOL

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murphy strikes!!!!


who ever said that misery loves company .. knew what he was talking about ..

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planet haram "return to reality"

right now i'm working on the structure of this alleged book, i'll be posting what ever results here for those who are interested, for now it's just the ususal GNU spirit that is needed, if you see some thing wrong, NAIL IT!! :)

should be posting something by tommorow night, i guess

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greetz from planet haram

i think i'll start working on this starting next week, i wouls appreciate it if any one has any compiled material or ideas that they want to share?? not the the collage report that is, but for the final online pdf book :)

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