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I found a very useful program for creating PDF files from scanned documents

Linux tip: I found a very useful Linux program for creating PDF files from scanned documents. It's most useful feature is that it uses OCR software to create text from the images and adds it to the PDF file.

You will have to install the following

ocropus (OCR software this one overlays the text on the image, tesseract doesn't do this)
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How to create clean & readable pdfs from webpages with the command line

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DIY encrypted, version controlled & synchronised filesystem for Ubuntu

I want to explain how I managed to set up a user home filesystem that has the following features:
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We should use Twitter more

Twitter can be very useful for Eglug. We have to use it more.

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I want to download files.

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Eglug logo with Shadda

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تعلن الإدارة عن تغير نشاط الموقع

... موقع «توب ميلودي» تم غلقه وهو في أقوي حالاته، حيث يبلغ ترتيبه العالمي «٥.٠٧٥» وعدد أعضائه ١٨٠ ألفاً.

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#eglug user statistics

According to a 9.2MB log file that began on Thurday 29th of July 2004. This file was created by xchat on my home computer, which for sure didn't log every thing said on the channel (downtime etc..). It would be more accurate to use na6oosh's log. I Didn't have time to add alternate nicknames. So phaeron appears to be the number 1 but actually alaa is if you added all his AlaaAccra, AlaaSakia, AlaaOpera etc.. nicknames

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وينجو: بديل لسكايب

سكايب ببلاش و الصوت حلو و بيشتغل زي الفل. لية بتوع الجنو لينكس كل شوية يتكلموا عن بدائل للبرامج الي بنحبها ؟

علشان سكايب برنامج غير حر و البروتكول المستخدم مقفول و شركة سكايب بس هي التقدر تستخدمة و طورة. المشكلة أكبر في بند البروتوكول، موضوع أن البرنامج غير حر و غير مفتوح المصدر مقدور عليه، مش أزمة. أنما أسلوب الأتصال و البرتوكول هم المشكلة. تخيل أن مشتركين موبينيل ميعرفوش يكلموا مشتركين فودافون أو العكس.

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LinkDotNet offer was not as expected

Too bad the offer turned out that both of us should pay one year in advance. Anyways I heard rumours that DSL prices will drop by the upcoming ICT conference. Well, I hope so.

I removed the blog entry as it is no longer of value and it had my phone number.

Sorry for spamming you guys.

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