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dinner with arab techies today


If you would like to meet some Arab techies tonight, there is a dinner at Sekoya Zamalek - Aboul-Feda. It's 8.30 p.m.

ganeb men al7dour: Alaa AbdelFattah, Manal Hassan, Ahmad Mekkawy (Linuxawy), Sami ben Gharbeia, Nora Younis, Ahmda Gharbeia, Ghaith Saqr (, Waheed Barghouthi (Devveloper in,, M.S.

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Fedora day in El- Menoufiya university

I am going tomorrow to El-Menoufiya to represent Fedora 10 as fedora release party.

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Building your own DVB box

Here is a fast easy howto for TwinHan 1027 + ubuntu + mythtv to build your own DVB box enjoy

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Asterisk Egypt ONLINE

Hello All,

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GPG key Revoked, New key ON


I have revoked my old GPG key ID 0x6FD809F4, and now I am using 0xEFB1C57F check My GPG key page for more information about the new GPG key.

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I want to download files.

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SVN + Apache Digest Authentication + SSL

Here is a link to a nice easy to use small howto SVN + Apache Digest Authentication + SSL, i was so lazy to copy past it here so feel free to do so if want to

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EGLUG outage


We had problems with our host, they probably changed something in their configuration that lead to breakage of Drupal under php4. We are currently running on php5.


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Compiling pidgin with plugins

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Letting go

It's been fun while it lasted.

But lately I don't have enough time to give eglug the attention it needs. I barely have enough time to juggle time for the needs of my own life.

I wish I am remembered for the things I added, and forgive for the things I broke.

See you later guys.

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