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Linux Gaming update.

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Fest 2007 شكر واجب

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Arabic hunspell dictionary.

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What'd people like to see during the fest ?

Since I still don't know what to offer during the fest, I thought about asking what'd people like to see ? Maybe I can find something ;-)

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System Administrator Appreciation Day

we should always remember that day :-)

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I'm getting married soon :)

Guys, my katb ketab is this thursday, it will be ba3d el ma3'reb in masjid el 7adika el dawleya (near carrefore) in alex, wish all of you can be there.

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Software freedom day

Looks like a good opportunity to revive a certain LUG...

Any thoughts??

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yet another gaming post.

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Arab Digital Expression Camps looking for trainers

Not sure if this will be relevant to most of you, but I think some of you might be interested. Here it is ...

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switch to GNU/Linux

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