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علم نفسك البرمجة في عشرة أعوام

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Some Gaming News

Penumbra: Overture

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Sink or swim, EGLUG

Those of you who know me know that I have a lot of things demanding my attention these days. I do not see any reason to think that the future will bring reductions on attention-requiring things in my life. EGLUG has been gracious enough to take as little of my time as I have been able to give it, and I have given it gladly.

We are now almost 3 years into the life of EGLUG, and it's time for this LUG to grow up and stand on its own legs. It might already be doing that, but I may not be able to see that simply by being active in it. When we created EGLUG years ago, one of the deepest motivations was that it be sustainable and have a life of its own.

So, hoping that the group we created can live up to this, I'd just like to take this blog entry to clarify that I will not be devoting time to EGLUG from now on as I have in the past. If I am called to volunteer I may do so if time permits, but I will not have the organizational rôle which I have had in the past; and which has decreased in frequency and intensity against my will and in favor of other life pursuits.

So, EGLUG, you're going to need to swim now. I'll keep on poking my head in, but only as a casual observer.

Thanks. I'll be hoping for the next slashdot frontpager.

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Sun Optimized AMP Stack for the Solaris 10 OS

Sun Microsystems will support AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) in Sun Solaris.

Check for more details

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Step back

I have decided to step back.

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Notes of the PHP from within Drupal 1st session

We'll be working with Drupal 5. To test all this php examples while working on Drupal: From create content, choose page (or story) and write the code betwwen the php tags, and dont forget to change the input format to php, otherwise the code will be stripped out.

Where to find PHP in Drupal:

  • nodes
  • blocks
  • theme templates
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Notes of the PHP from within Drupal 2nd session

Examples we used:

Example 1:

between the php tags:

$result = taxonomy_select_nodes( array(1, 3), 'or', 'all', true);
$html = node_title_list($result);
$html.= theme('pager');
print $html;

Example 2:

between the php tags:

$node = node_load(55);
print $node->choice[$i]['chvotes'];

and add to the url:


try 0 and 2 instead of one, to get the number of votes for the first and third choice respectively.

Example 3:

Doing the same thing but using Drupal functions.

between the php tags:

$node = node_load(55);
print $node->choice[$i]['chvotes']."

A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection

This link was mentioned in #eglug today:

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قاموس الحوسبة الحر

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الشبكات اللاسلكية باللغة العربية

هذه هى الماده العلمية التى تم اعدادها لورشة التقنيات اللاسلكيه بشمال افريقيا هذا العام:

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