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للتعريف بأنظمة نقل الصوت عبر الشبكات بالعربية

Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike 2.5

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TUX in Ramsis Square

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Raise your hats to Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth Entices OpenSUSE Developers

Shuttleworth sent

Take that Novell!

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المقاطعة هى الحل

You may heard Microsoft/Novell patent deal , ala arabian style

EGLUG ask novell to reconsider , ela el ...

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how simple vi is ?

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Sun Press Release: Open Sourcing Java...

Sorry for long mail, but I can't find the reference for this mail.

By now you may have heard about this on the newswires...

Many of you have heard us say, "Volume Drives Value." This is a simple but powerful concept: the more developers there are on the network, the more compelling devices and services they create, the broader the market opportunity for the Java Community at-large...and for Sun...

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LAN messenger ?

Sometimes you want to talk to someone on a LAN without relying on MSN or whatever. For example when there is no internet connectivity.

In the old days there was a program in windows that used to be able to transfer messages between machines on the same network, I think using the smb protocol. The linux counterpart was linotify. However, for some reason it doesn't work for me anymore and I don't remember the name of the windows program, and I don't even know if it still exists there ( they hid netmeeting too ).

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ثلاثة كتب عربية تشرح اوبن اوفيس تحت رخصة الابداع العامة

...تم إعداد هذا العمل ليكون مرشدا لك في كيفية استخدام وإتقان العمل على حزمة أوبن أوفيس، ولقد روعي فيه البساطة الشديدة حتى يسهل على كل الشرائح ، وهذا لا يعني أنه لا يصلح للمتقدمين بل العكس فهو يختصر الوقت عليهم في تعلم هذه الحزمة الرائعة.

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iPod linux ?

I was reading an interesting blog post about an install fest for ipods and ended up here :

With the number of ipods in Egypt increasing, maybe in the future we can do something like this.

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Linux Demos

Ever since I saw bb I've wanted more of those little gems.

Check this awesome 4k out (#1 4k at the Birdie demo party).

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