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Installfest notes

With 2 Installfests in planning and one still in early talks, all of them are in universities. This direction - to spread FOSS and Free Culture into prospective IT crowd - is obviously the right thing to do nowadays. However, the experience of the first fest in that series of "College Invasion" was not very pleasant for many participating volunteers (check slashproc) - even considred by some to be not quite successful.

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SPAM aaaaargh!

Yesterday I was enjoying my pre-feast time , when a stupid user registered on submitted spam comments to lots of nodes. I blocked the user and with the help of Msameer I performed a SQL statement that unpublished all of his comments.

I wish we could try, shoot, bomb, electrocute, slaughter etc... all spammers. Let's hear it for anti-spam terrorism!

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Not available.

I will not be available this next 2 weeks,I will have personal commitments; And I will not have access.

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to mee ... 3o2bal keda mashof eglug we ana dakhel 3ala al meyat :) eshta kolo ye2oly kol sana we anta tayeb .. Kfeya keda .,.bas khalas

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The day of stupidity

I think everyone should know this, even if it gets people on my back for a while :P

Today morning was one of these days in which you wish you never woke up.

I was feeling very lazy, didn't want to do anything useful. Then I had a bright idea to update my avatar on

Easy enough what could go wrong ? I prepared the image in the GIMP and opened my eglug user page, choose the picture and clicked save. or so I thought.

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A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

My eglug contributing comments and nodes ,Comments in red nodes are green.

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lilo passed away


Live Free Or Die...

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Smart battery at last

So people with laptops equiped with such batteries rejoice as there's now no longer any need to mess around with patching your DSDT.


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GUC fest updates & FUD clarification.

I've talked with Islam tonight about all the issues. It seems that we had a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Some people knew that a couple of things were stated incorrectly during the meeting thus they didn't stand up and say it. I'm not blaming anyone anyway.

Negotiations with the GUC are already in progress. If everything goes right, Islam, fred and hopefully me will be there on Saturday hanging the EGLUG event poster. It's basically an A4 poster about the event as Islam discovered that a lot of students don't know about the event.

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to opensource or not to opensource

in my personal website i wrote a post advocating opensource, please read it and comment on it all help is needed to refine it and make better

the target audience of this post are not developers as much as it is for managers to make the understand the benefits of an opensource solution

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