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In Love

Am In Love :) roro de 7ayaty now roro malet 7ayaty ,,, loves her soo much de atyab Bent 3erftaha fe 7ayat we mafesh atyab menha :)

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bash : rm -rf *

how to prevent running rm -rf on a directory other words how to enforce running rm -ri .

-i is interactive it will ask you if you are sure or not (hay7lfek ya 3aney)

well it's a trick

touch -- -i rm -rf *

it will ask you as if you run rm with -i .Shreif this good for you on your best candidate directory to deleted by mistake run :

for i in `find . -type d `;do touch $i/-i ;done
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Playing the penguin.

Just some news on the (commercial) linux gaming front. Some sweet graphics there... but i dunno how long i'd have to save just to get a pc that can run it. Personally, The foliage on ET:QW and the release plan of S2 are what impress me the most.

Lug is running on nanoweb!

Congratulations folks. The LUG is now 80% more php :-).

Please report any performance issues, though I'm sure it's all going to be positive.

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Key signing event, or something like that...

Don't forget to bring your GNU/spirit.

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Debian is hurting my back, eyes and neck!

Just finished answering the 2nd part of the Philosophy and Procedures part of the Debian Developer process.

This part is composed of 30 god damn questions, Took me something like 5 hours to finish it.

Why am I saying this ? STFU!

It's my blog and I'll post whatever I want to post :-P

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Aboook Yegebak men Dahab leaaaaaaaaaaaah?

al 7ag called me ye2oly hazem 30 min we tekon 2odamy 2oltelo ya basha ana fe dahab mosh fe downtown 2aly etsaraf khod taira we t3ala al mohez nezelt 3ala sharm fe sa3a 2ala rob3 we kont hamot beta3 6 marat al sawa2 tayer we al tare2 menayel be nela al malfat 90 daraga we 7agat keda al mohez waslt we bas2al 3ala taiara 2leltly 7adretak lazem tekon 7agez ablaha 2oltelaha ya3ney eah ha2deha seba7a ana wala eah 2ltyly ok u will fly @ 10 oclock al mohez fedlt malto3 men 9:15 le 11:00 baklem nafsy we tab3an kanet al nos sa3a 3adet 1000 mara al mohem rekebt we 2olt bas kolaha nos sa3a we akon fe cairo al taiara matl3atsh abl 1:20 we kaman eaaaaah bystahbel al taiar fady wala eah mosh 3aref al mohem waslt 3ala matar cairo al sa3a 2 7aga keda al mohem matl3tsh bara al matar 2abl 3pm ... baklem aboya ba2olo ento fain 2aly fe al beat taxi we t3ala ... al mohem wasalt al beat 2l2y ma sis betd7ak we 3amla gebara we howa by2ole anzel 3ala al masna3 now ,,, meskhrany 3abd 3ando wala eah mosh fahem al mohez ,,, 2olt ba2a khalas adkhol 23'yar be mazagy ... al mohem geat nazel la2to khal3 we sabny 22deha mowaslat ... aboya " Regoooooooolaaaaaaa" al mohem 7asalto we fadel metla3 3any le 7ad ma 3am BlueViper called me we 2aly hanrsha2 fe rostry al zamalek 3alshan meeting we dala3 we tazbet

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بجد لو سمحتوا حد يساعد قائمة الكلمات العربيه

بجد دى آخر محاوله علشان الموضوع ده و بجد لو مانفعتش اتصور ان مش هايبقى عندنا مدقق املائى عربى

يعنى عندنا 71000 كلمه بس فى لغة زى العربى

حد عنده افكار نزود كلمات ازاى ؟ حد مستعد يتطوع و يبص على الكلمات و يقول انهى صح و انهى غلط ؟

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Beta phaeronix release

Another belated release. Thanks for everyone who patiently waited for me and helped me. Check here to know all the new goodies :

Specifying select root in Prototype's $$

Prototype's latest development code featured the awesome $$() that can select elements by passing it a CSS selector.. Though this is still on the development respository and not released yet, I know many people who uses it, including me.

I've added a tiny functionality to the $$() that makes it even more useful and usable IMO. It allows specifying any node that implements getElementsByTagName (that means any XMLDocument node, and most of other HTML nodes) to be selected as the root of the search. Simply by appending this node object to the list of selectors you pass to $$(). Also, it doesn't force you to do so, if you don't need this functionality, simply don't pass anything and it will work --as it does by default-- on the document object.

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