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crazy solution for EGLUG activities

Mobile LUG

EGLUG been stagnant for a while now, one of the main problems facing us is lack of a suitable space for activities.

we haven't done seminars lately either, and sometimes this is due to our requirements of the kind of space we can present FOSS in.

we need a space that has a handful of PCs, the PCs should be powerful enough to run livecd distros comfortably, we should be able to mess with the harddisks and install distros and software the on a whim, and it would be nice if the pcs are properly networked.

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One cool RFC

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required reading to you all

as a representative of our life time president Mr Meeso blessed I herby order you all to read the following article and reflect on it carefully

any resemblanse to eglug members behavior is pure coincidence

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INFOS 2006

I believe that this conference is one of the most successful conferences in Egypt, even if the number of attenders is little

Ahmed Hashim
Software Engineer

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Want to Change your Definition of Beauty ?! .. Xgl

Dont come cryin' if this video seriously changes how you define the word "Beauty" ...

/me is in Love with Xgl ...

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Stop the madness.

MSameer leaving the admin team was a mistake. Now we are wasting time discussing how to assign a new admin instead of stabilizing the team.

Apperantly, the last proposed method was to do mod elections then elect one of the mods.

but the current situation is (as of 16:19 Friday 17/3/2006):

  • Alienbrain isn't running for the mod elections.
  • Actually, the mod elections are said to be false as it includes the old mods, while its purpose was adding new mods to the current mod team as opposed to relecting the whole mod team.

I realise that EGLUG is a democracy, that MSameer and alienbrain have the freedom to do whatever they want but I just wish all that ended soon and the community/admin/mod teams are in a more stable position.

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The Matrix Revealed

Worth It !!!

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EGLUG updated.

I wonder what you will do without me :-)

Cheers, Administration team.

Drupal theming

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Stepping back from the admin team.

It has been a pleasure being an EGLUG administrator for the past time. However, I feel that I'm not qualified as an admin - at least for some people here - and that I don't really have much time.

I was the one who posted that the previous team wasn't really doing their job. I thought that having a new team will ease things a bit, I ran for the elections for mainly 2 reasons: 1) I believe that I was among the active half of the team and that I can still give.

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