EGLUG finances

its time to reveal the biggest secret of all, EGLUG's finances and off shore bank accounts will all be revealed read on.

joking aside the only real costs associated with EGLUG concern the website hosting and domain name which is supposed to be covered by the admins. this is an attempt to document whats been paid since december 2004 and to nefde7 those who don't pay regularly.

before december 2004

Alaa paid the hosting and then collected the money from the admins

From december 2004 to february 2005

we figured the VPS resources will split to 3, one third for Alaa, one third for MohammedSameer, and one third for EGLUG, however since we where already paying large chunks of money for the VPS it was decided that the EGLUG share will be paid but the other admins, that is Whirlpool and YoussefAssad

monthVPS total costEGLUG shareSingle Admin ShareYet to pay

notice the increase on feb, EGLUG was consuming way to much resources and we had to ask for a ram upgrade

March and April 2005

this is after elections, YoussefAssad resigned, and Ezabi and Conceptor where elected, the ELUG share is now split on three admins

we had to increase RAM again

monthVPS total costEGLUG shareSingle Admin ShareYet to pay

May 2005

since MoahmmedSameer no longer pays a share for the VPS that runs EGLUG he is back to contributing to EGLUG's share, this makes it split on 4 admins

monthVPS total costEGLUG shareSingle Admin ShareYet to pay

on that month we had to renew the EGLUG domains, for the cost of 10$ per domain. Alaa paid for the .org domain and Ezabi paid for the .net domain, domain costs are split on all 5 admins

domainTotal costsingle admin shareYet to pay

so if my memory did not fail me and I did not forget some payment here is the balance


خالص مع الشكر



خالص مع الشكر

big mess mesh keda

now there is a point I'd like to raise, EGLUG is actually using half and not a third of the VPS resources and it is becoming a big strain, I'd really like to add some extra ram and have EGLUG pay 1/2 not 1/3