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Handover protocol

This document is a place holder for a new charter extension, a draft to what we would like to call the handover protocol. Darkness_Wolf is the one who really pushed for this, I totally agree with him. It is much delayed totally due to our laziness.


The handover protocol serves as a set of guidelines to the repeating situation of the Admin team change. In order to allow every new team of Admin to start their duties as soon as possible, the following needs to be done. It is the responsibility of the previous admin team to see these guidelines are enforced; as well as the responsibility of the new admin team to make sure they recieve their priviliges fully.


  1. Administrator role on our drupal based site eglug.org
  2. SSH access to the hosting platform, using username and password. If the host offers SSH access.
  3. Manager account to access the DNS records, but not full access to the registrar's features. - MSameer: Why not the registrar features ?
  4. Operator level on the IRC channel. This can be achieved by giving them access level 40.


By definition "Adminship" is a pure technical position. It implicitly includes the following crucial responsibilities :

  1. On time payment of the domain(s) registration, to ensure we don't lose the domain(s). Currently, We have 2 domains: eglug.org and eglug.net
  2. Regular backups for the DocumentRoot and the SQL databases. Those backups should be transfered to their final storage distination using SSH or whatever encryption methods available if possible.
  3. Maintenance of the website, email, and the IRC channel.

Please feel free to add more or edit.