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You are cordially invited to participate in the second ITI Community Debates (IC Debates) on Apr 27th 2010 under the on open source vs commercial software.

ITI invites more than 100 software companies including "Microsoft" in Egypt to participate in April Debate to discuss the claim that the battle has ended and that Open source software has won.

The debate has already started on our website, and currently votes now are distributed as 79% prefer Open source against 21% that support closed source.

You can participate now and change the results and be one of the leaders to visualize the shape of the future software market. Start now by submitting your Vote, Comment and Read readers’ comments.

Appreciating your instant feedback and we are open for more question concerning the debate.

More about the Debate:

In the past few years, the debate concerning which software is better, open source or commercial continues to get into the community discussions. On one side of the debate, we have the team that doubts the motivations of the open source community and dismisses the viability of an economic model that does not revolve around the exchange of wealth. On the other side, we have the team who doubts the multinational software giants with earnings and control. And solution providers often find themselves at the center of all this activity, they are the team who wants to get some work done using the best software they can get their hands on. While the debate will probably never completely die, perhaps we can help turn the heat down enough by analyzing the current debate with an eye toward establishing common ground and a rational perspective.