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A FAQ About Eglug .. Who Are We And Why ?

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Our member, amg, recently pointed out that it can be a little confusing to new people here to understand who and what we are. So we have set up this page as a Questions and Answers section. You ask the questions, and Alaa's cat (charming little fellow called Marzouq) types out the answers. (MAN CAN THAT CAT SPELL!).

Please add your questions; this is a wiki, you are supposed to collaborate and edit the page.

fork / child process related:

1. Are you related in any way to linux-egypt ?

EGLUG is an offshoot of linux-egypt; we the people who started EGLUG were and remain members of linux-egypt though we will be concentrating our efforts on EGLUG.

2. Is this a sub-project of linux-egypt ?

No, you can't really say so. The best way of visualizing it is to consider linux-egypt and EGLUG as parallel groups with many things in common, such as interests in GNU/Linux, and some notable differences such as how the community is organized.

3. Is linux egypt the 'official' GNU/Linux site in egypt or are you guys ?

There isn't really any official GNU/Linux site in Egypt. Officiality requires recognition as a non-profit organization which neither we nor linux-egypt have, and which would under current circumstances be more trouble than it is worth. May be you are asking this question because you want to know whether you should be keeping up to date with or with I can't answer that for you, but I can give you a suggestion; spend a few days on both (but give EGLUG till July to launch please!) and get a feel for them. In any case, we at hope for extensive cooperation with linux-egypt and with time this should become a moot point.

4. Did you make this site coz you were forced out of linux egypt?

No. :) We made it as a hyper-democratic alternative; like I said earlier, you'll find one of the key differences between the two groups is in their approach to community organization. Many of the core people who are working on EGLUG were moderators on linux-egypt and remain so. The fork was intended to be friendly, and it remains so.

5. Is this site meant to be a linux-egypt replacment?

After reading the answers to the questions above, you will know by now that the key words are: co-existence, cooperation, mutual benefit, and symbiosis. EGLUG may replace linux-egypt for all I know, and conversely linux-egypt may eventually evolve to make EGLUG redundant. Who can tell the future? For the time being, we the people who are developing this experiment (developing, not controlling and not leading) believe that the community can benefit from co-work.

6. Will be co-operating with linux-egypt or is this an Ahly/Zamalek view?

-1 Redundant :)

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