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GUC Organization

This event is DONE Thanks for all participants.

Big thanks to Mr. Moutaz Haddara for his effort in coordinating , and his personal interest in the matter.

!!!! Thanks to all of you for your help, dedication, and patience. As you all know, event organization is a learning process :) so I hope that GUC (and I) overcome our problems next time to plan more properly, anyway thank you very much, it was very successful.


We need a fixed date. Right now, we're aiming for the beginning of the academic term in 5th September 2006. I suggest to make it 2 weeks after everyone's back, so there's time to advertise it in the GUC.

16th September has been decided on.


Let's not call it an Install Fest. It's a free open source software (FOSS) awareness event. Some people have expressed objections about it being a free and non-free open source event. I don't have anything against non-free open source software, like cedega for example. Ideas people?

We had the idea of organising the event into booths, each booth will not have one volunteer but actually a group of volunteers. They will advocate some particular idea or concept they believe in. They are free to choose what they want to talk about, and they will be totally be responsible for providing the materials they need; stickers, posters, hardware, software, CDs, pamphlets. This way people will contribute to something they believe in and at the same time we will have some competition between teams. However the teams must be formed before hand and they should write their idea here, and organize properly with the general volunteer groups, so we don't have duplication of efforts.also, would give the advantage to the lecturer to have prepared well and made sure that everything was ok, finally, will take the load off having to ask for more computer to demonstrate things on.

Some of the volunteers who don't have a certain idea to attach to can oversee the general organization, and manage the resources globally.

Good ?

Important (maybe Issues)

Phaeronix and I went to the GUC this morning, things will be a little bit difficult.. just a little bit.. because the university isn't very willing to provide more than the place itself (things are still being approved). So what I am asking from all of us is not to depend on any outer resources (as we do not have sponsors, yet). If we need something we will have to get it ourselves and if there are problems we will need to work them out ourselves.

Organization and Ideas:

Volunteers should read this carefully: If they would like to demonstrate something not discussed here, just add it. Official Demo list is the table below in "Demos" section, make sure you add yourself there. This is just a space for ideas and organization.

''(Added by thewizardofoz): I'll try to explain as good as I can what I am trying to deliver. If you have anything you would like to see being discussed then cool :) Note that these points are wri(Will still consider)tten out of personal experience and point of view: Points are grouped, so if you are interested in discussing a certain "group", add at the end of it the tag (TAKEN) and copy it into the list below along with your name, the distro (if any needed) you will be using to demonstrate the points, and if you have a laptop or not. If you don't own a laptop but will be needing one, please mention it so we work out.''

  • Introduction:
    • (TAKEN) GROUP: Discussing GNU/Linux in general. (scroll down for lecture-format)
  • GROUP: Discussing the structure of a Linux(UNIX) system:
    • (TAKEN) The kernel, Security and User Management in Linux (important to understand how user management works, discussing root, users, groups, file permissions, etc)
    • (TAKEN) Demonstrate Distribution installations (maybe also compare it to Windows)
    • Might be covered by same people who do introduction.
  • Installation Team:(khaledhosny,thewizardofoz,BlueViper)
    • GROUP: Installation for whoever wants it.
      • We have to decide what we will be installing here. Mandrake, Ubuntu or remastered versions of any?
  • Desktop:
    • GROUP: X Window System and Window Managers:
      • Display Managers (xdm, gdm, kdm)
      • Window Managers (Fluxbox, Window Maker, etc...) will need demonstration of the differences, choose some *different* window managers and talk about their advantages/disadvantages.
  • (TAKEN) GROUP: KDE demo. (Might be same group as above)
    • This one should cover almost everything about KDE and conducted on a KDE-centric Desktop.
  • (TAKEN) GROUP: Eye Candy and usability: this can go into each DE to be demonstrated? or just have 1 person show the eye candy?
    • XGL and Compiz
  • (TAKEN)GROUP: Phaeronix and GNOME.
    • Phaeron would demo his liveCD and basic GNOME desktop.
    • thewizardofoz uses GNOME desktop with Mono and demonstrates Beagle, F-SPOT, etc.
  • (TAKEN, but still needs more people) GROUP: Demonstrating WINE: this can be very tough in setting up, can 2 or 3 person settle up on working on this? and make sure things work really good. also show how WINE emulates a "C:" drive, "Program Files", etc...
  • Server:
  • GROUP: Webservers and Web Platforms.
    • DarKnesS_WolF will do from zero to drupal " webserver, mysql " in 15 min
    • (TAKEN) FTP servers, ssh, apache (HTTP), etc...
    • Diaa Radwan : I will do it on fedora.
  • Devel:
  • (TAKEN) GROUP: Different programming languages and IDEs:
    • Mnabil will demo Development Environments: Eclipse, Anjuta, Monodevelop, KDevelop...etc
    • Mnabil will demo Unsupported languages and their alternatives: Visual Basic -> Glade, etc.
    • Michael will demo Java FOSS thing, Tomcat, NetBeans, Java configuration ...
  • GIS:
    • Demo of Grass, QGIS etc. by maha, ma3aly, rashawater & mahy_gis.
  • Multimedia:
  • GROUP: Audio Production and DJing.
  • GROUP: Graphics (GIMP, Inkscape)(possibly merged with GNOME demo).
  • GROPUP : Fedora LiveCD generation tool Kadischi (DiaaRadwan)conceptor.
  • Other:
    • GROUP: (TAKEN: ???) What you lose and what you gain: (propably covered in general talks)
      • Limitations: Hardware support, Gaming support, You lose some applications (Guitar Pro, any other?)
      • Other difficulties? (Added by Bassist: IE only websites, missing plugins. e.g. Shockwave)
  • Gains(added by bassist):
    • Security (Barely any Viruses, Spyware, Malware, ..)
    • Stability
    • Flexibility and Versatility
    • Can be used by everyone (From the most advanced hacker to the 75-year old Granny who only checks her mail)
    • Error messages that actually make sense (No weird illegal operations)

(Added by thewizardofoz): I think having our laptops with us would make things much easier, as of whoever could use the distro they want (of course as long as they get to show what they are supposed in a good way), also, would give the advantage to the lecturer to have prepared well and made sure that everything was ok, finally, will take the load off having to ask for more computer to demonstrate things on.

I suggest the following categories of activities:


PhaeornixXGL on ubuntu or phaeronix. Could be generalized into the linux desktop state.......
Mnabilprogramming Languages IDE's (anjuta,Kdevelop,eclipse,Mono).Ubuntuyes
Diaa RadwanFedora Core (administration/development perspective), Free and Open source talks.......
thewizardofozWINE, general desktop demos, also ftp/http server, ssh/scp/etc and vnc, dpkg, apt-get, apt-cache, apt-build, etc..., also can take over: installation (explaining it and comparing it to Windows maybe?), also can take over general information/introduction about Linux usage (user management, root, etc...)UbuntuYes
CVirusKDE TourKubuntuYes
MichaelJava FOSS thing, mysql quick startOpenSUSEYes
Khaled HosnyX dm's & wm's......
BassistThe Linux command lineUbuntuYes
DarKnesS_WolFFrom Zero To drupal CMSubuntuYes

Talks (lecture-format)

  1. What is open culture?


At the GUC campus. We need to settle where inside, since it's large. Then we get pictures of the location and post them here.


I have raised this issue with Mr.Motaz , and I am expecting the answer soon. Basically we have the GUC students, other people by invitation, or we could make it open for everyone. We are used to leaving this event open, but circumstances are different this year, so let's wait and see the answer. The answer was that, making it open is difficult due to security and transportation issues. It is possible to allow the known list of volunteers to bring along upto 3 extra visitors. Also we can encourage the GUC students to bring along their friends too. I think this is better than closing down the event to a certain group of people.


We need two things:


Here's where we commit ourselves to this event. Please add yourself to the list.

Anyone else interesd ? Please add your name. People already in the list please try to say what you are interested in doing.

  • DarKnesS_WolF
  • Phaeronix
  • BooDy
  • Marwa Youssef
  • SeRVeR
  • Mnabil
  • Pronco
  • Conceptor (Diaa Radwan)
  • thewizardofoz
  • CVirus The Greatest :-p
  • Khaled Hosny
  • theSamo
  • Michael
  • Ms4you
  • maha
  • ma3aly
  • rashawater
  • mahy_gis
  • estr4ng3d
  • Bassist

Meetings summary

  • EGLUG GUC GNU/Volunteer Notes
  • Bassist Command line intro.
  • GNU/Linux and history talks problem "YoussefAssad is out" we need people for this area..
    • I suggest Bassist, to give it with the command line intro, as the command line will be short and he will have to repeat it a lot, so for the sake of him not to fall asleep repeating the same short thing over and over again, he can give the history of GNU and Linux and then derive from the "History of Linux" subject to the command line, I find it a little related.
  • BooDy will write the Arabic pamphlets 200 Copy
  • Fred/Phaeronix will go to the GUC tomorrow morning...
    • Location
    • Transportation
      • EGLUG Volunteer has cars
        • Fred (3 People)
        • Bassist (3 People)
        • GUC bus?
          • Still being investigated.
    • PCs/Resources (Still being investigated by the GUC)
      • Fred 1 PC GUC
      • GIS Group 2 PCs GUC
      • Phaeronix 1 PC GUC
      • Diaa 1 PC GUC
      • Khaled Hosny 1 PC GUC
      • 8 port switch DarKnesS_WolF
      • 8 port switch Mnabil
      • 4 port switch fred
      • 1 power switch DarKNesS_WolF
      • 1 power switch mnabil
      • 1 power switch cvirus
      • 1 power switch fred
      • network cables Mnabil
      • 1 WebCam amgadpasha
      • 1 RJ tools DarKnesS_WolF
      • Creative 2.1 Bassist
      • DataShow (is there at the GUC by default)
      • CDs Ubuntu/Kubuntu Desktop
        • Cvirus will get the images
        • BooDy 50 CDs
        • Cvirus 10 CDs
        • Mnabil 10 CDs
        • Bassist 10 CDs
        • DJ KING 20 CDs
        • DJ KING WebCam (for theSamo to demonstrate)
    • Connection
      • Wireless access in general
      • Wired connection for the people who will be getting their home PCs and for people without wireless cards in their laptops(and we will be using the switches to share it)
  • DarKnesS_WolF gets the address of the T-Shirt store and the svg/png image
    • Add your name here if you want a tshirt
      • thewizardofoz
      • BooDy


List of needed resource. Some will be provided by the GUC, others will be pledged by us.

Network Switch
Power cables
Network cables
Wireless access

This will depend on what we're doing. Each person responsible for an area will be responsible for defining needs. phaeron will be responsible for reviewing people's requirements.

here is a good article about streaming a conference. Will somebody interested jump on this?

This is page is here to start organization of the GUC install fest in coordination with our contact from GUC, Mr.Motaz

I have taken initiative on this one.

I took the contact's data from Youssef. His name is Mr.Motaz and I spoke to him today. The offer is still valid.

He will be joining us on the wiki page to organize from the GUC's side.

We need at least two months for this. One month for preparing and one month freeze for executing things physically. According tothe GUC that would mean waiting for the summer courses or the beginning of next academic year, so that we have a reasonable amount of attendees (mainly GUC students).

I am in the middle of talking with a gnome developer who might happen to be in Egypt around the time of the install fest. We can have him as an open source figure to give a speech or something.

We have some ideas about the stuff we can demo.

The GUC needs: an exact list of thing that will be done, things that will be needed, and people involved.

Youssef has provided the following : 1. Agree on venue 2. Post photos of venue 3. Agree from what time to what time 4. Agree on getting GUC transportation for volunteers 5. Format; random demos? Presentation? What? 6. How many hours? More than one day?

Most immediately: We have a rough date range, pinpoint please. As soon as we have that, we need a sticky across the front page and a spam to our members.

Next we will make a list of physical resources needed, communicate it to the GUC so they decide on what they will provide, and we start covering the deficit with pledges.

Right now we also need MORE INPUT people !

GUC install fest aftermath

dilemma : all veteran eglug event organizers are missing. Most of the volunteer team are first timers.

results : 200+ attendees and 50+ installations in my estimate. Quite good for a closed event.

People were very interested in XGL, desktop and programming.

We had surprise appearances of :

Mr. Tamer .. our new friend from Germany. He gave a short php/zend intro in the end. Mr. Enzo and Mr. Alex .. from itsynergy dropped in to have a look.

problems faced :

Delayed response of GUC people to our requests.

Very limited internet connectivity, due to the "security" constrains.

Incompetence of GUC drivers and transportation supervisor which lead to loss of one volunteer ( he returned home ) and the late arrival of three other volunteers. We owe them an apology. improper preparation of extra and custom packages.

NTFS partitions are still difficult to deal with. Data loss in one laptop due to repeated trials of resizing an ntfs partition. The guy was very frustrated and we owe him an apology. We need to investigate when to recommend NOT to resize partitions. One of the attendees had partition magic, but it also failed to resize an ntfs partition on another laptop.

We managed to use the hall we were assigned in a useful way. But i think the down side was that the sound reverberated badly making it impossible to have group discussions and the main presentations at the same time.

It felt like we needed more volunteers but I think we held up good.

I broke Cvirus's mouse. I also broke my own mobile charger.

Remaining issues :

Calculate how much the volunteers spent and try to spread it out evenly in a friendly way.

In the future :

We need more of these small scale events in other places. Better cooperation with the GUC.

Big thanks to Mr. Moutaz Haddara for his effort in coordinating , and his personal interest in the matter.


MSameer's picture

Open Source ?

What's wrong with FOSS ?

d770116's picture

i'm in

i'm in guys, i can give demos about programming tools (eclipse,anjuta,mono,etc..) with explaination

Rest In piece (ISA) i'm Known AS : Mnabil

YoussefAssad's picture

So go add your name to the demos list

Why are you posting down here?


GUC Side

I will try to fix the date today or by tomorrow max inshsallah, the date has to be after mid of September or something, because students will come back to college on the 5th of Sept. After setting the date, I will expect the requirements from your side, so we can decide on the location for this event. MoUtaz Haddara -- Poushi Sr.

ezabi's picture

Remember remember..

..the 5th of September So long and thanks for all the fish.

YoussefAssad's picture

What about it?


Conceptor's picture

I think we will have

I think we will have enough time

Diaa Radwan

ezabi's picture

OK, let´s form a task force

let's form a task force of volunteers who will be the event owners, I suggest an owner for each activity who will be in charge of this activity's organization and coordination with other owners and communicate to his activity volunteers. How about that? So long and thanks for all the fish.

Conceptor's picture

I'd Suggest more people

I'd Suggest more people involved on giving ideas ,talks and having the interest to attend ,after having sufficient number of activities we can talk about organizing them.who will be the owner and who will coordinate

Diaa Radwan

phaeronix's picture

Me #1

I think I'll step up to try to organize the whole thing... I got it moving in the first place anyway.

I'll holla if I get stuck or need help.

ezabi's picture

phaeronix it is

phaeronix would be the event owner, those who disagree shall now speak or forever remain silent. So long and thanks for all the fish.

MSameer's picture

AFAICT, He's not that free

AFAICT, He's not that free and we can all notice this.

If there's someone else with more free time "Except Diaa", please step in.

Otherwise, I don't personally mind.

PS. Please watch out. September = Possibility to hit Ramadan and Ramadan = me (And probably other members) out.

YoussefAssad's picture


I appointed Islam to this position. I gave him the contact, and I have given instructions to our people at the GUC that the only person they should deal with is Islam.


GUC Date selection

Islam, I spoke with the CS dean and responsibiles here, and they need dates from your side so we can choose the best one that fits us, so you can propose three dates e.g 15th of Sep, 16th etc.. and we can choose one of them according to our students and other events schedule . Is it ok with you guys? Moutaz Haddara -- Poushi Sr.

phaeronix's picture

Already agreed :)

We have pinpointed the following days :

9 or 16 or 23 september. These days are Saturdays that are after the beginning of the academic year, and are before the holy month of Ramadan.

I think this should suit most of our volunteers.

We are waiting for reply about the possibility of widening the scope of the event, through opening it up to the public.

We will then start investigating things like transportation, resource needs.. etc..

ADminS's picture


ana dayes fe ay al installation job :) " Mandriva , Ubuntu " la2n mahebet al shar7 3andy mosh gamda 2we ya3ney :)


  • Life IS My Life
Bassist Of The Fall's picture

I'd love to be part of it,

I'd love to be part of it, but there's a possibility that I'll be relocating to Germany by the end of August. =( If anything happens I'll keep you updated though.


Bassist Of The Fall's picture

By the way, I can supply

By the way, I can supply some distribution CDs for free if anyone needs them for install jobs in the fest or making copies for wide distribution. I probably won't be needing them if I'll travel.

A complete list can be found down the "Get GNU/Linux" list of Cairo/Giza. Somewhere down the page you'll find a list under "Ahmed Omran". Contact me at any time =)


DJ KING's picture


I personally know some students in GUC who can really help on that day , shall they also sign up in here ?! or shall they only act as GUC staff ?!

Ahmad Omran , Welcome aboard ;)

cheers, DJ KING aka Sameh Y. Sabry

Slacker on Debian

phaeronix's picture


GUC students can attend ( naturally ) and bring along their friends. If some of them want to be volunteers, I don't see why they shouldn't. In that case they should add their names here.

Can you ask them about the "Saturday is a holiday, no one is there" issue?

phaeronix's picture


16th of semptember is the day. Anyone against this speakup right now, or never.

Anyone else who is interested in participating please add your name.

People already on the list should state what they are interested in doing.

I will try to get us a day, where we can go and see the place in the GUC. and hopefully post back some pictures. This needs two or three people who have some free time and are ready to go a little far.

Meanwhilewe need to make a rough list of resources that we need.

Do we need to activate Darkness_Wolf's spam loop, since this is not a public event ?

Diaa what's the status of your suggested activity ?

YoussefAssad's picture


Would Moutaz mind taking a couple of EGLUGgers down to have a look?

Also, confer with Moutaz to see if it will be open or not. Shouldcdepend on what kind of turnout is expected if it's closed.


No probs

I wouldn't mind, we can do that at the begining of August, as I am going for holidays from mid till the end of July. And as I said before, Saturdays are not the best, but they are ok if you guys have any other option, we will get students if we publicize well for the event anyway. M. Haddara -- Poushi Sr.

khaledhosny's picture


I'd like to participate in this, but there lots of things here and the whole event looks complex for me. So, can any one simply till me how to choose a task from all of this ?

khaledhosny's picture

I'm intersted in the 1st

I'm intersted in the 1st groub "Discussing GNU/Linux in general", any one else intersted in this (what about you Youssef ?)

YoussefAssad's picture

Yours for the taking

I'm a management bozo; I take the general FOSS intros.


SeRVeR's picture

I can help in installation

I can help in installation and I have Labtop If any one wanna 2 demo something :)

khaledhosny's picture

who is taking what?

Many groups are marked TAKEN, now the question is: who is taking what? I think every one should clearly mention his name behind the group that he is concerned with, just like what I did (TAKEN:Khaled Hosny).

phaeronix's picture

and also add his name and

and also add his name and activity to the table, so we have a clear list in the end. And please people try to start adding the things you think you will need to the resources table. PLEASE! We are coming close to the "feature" freeze time.

A new member

hello guys, well, first i'd like to be a member in the group second, i'd like to participate in the event; i think i can help in the following:

  • Installation
  • Bourne Again Shell (BASH)

  • Common Commands

[ls-stat-touch-cat-echo-cp-mv-tar(archiving, gzip-bzip)--diff-file-slocate-ps-free-top-mem & cpu usage--kill-killall-GREP-AWK-Nano-unix2dos(LF-CLRF) -Mutt-Text Mail Client-Mount-MKISOFS]

  • FTP-Clients

  • Networking
  • Programming

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