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1280 wp

1280 wp

this is the same wallpaper but in another size and color (1280*960) .. hope you find it nice


Nice wallpaper i save on

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What license is this under, I'd like to use it for phaeronix.

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for me it is owned by

for me it is owned by eglug if you want to use it you should ask the group not me ..

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eglug content

this is now eglug content,it should be published under whatever license eglug will choose.(CC or GFDL).

I don't think aboyousif will mind.

PS:it's nice wallpaper ,it will be nice to use it for phaeronix.

Diaa Radwan

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hmm.. No

I have to take permission from original author. It's his creation and he chooses the license. If it is a rule that all eglug content is under a certain license then it should be made clear. Maybe the author doesn't agree. Conceptor is it stated anywhere that eglug content "should" be released under a certain license.

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it's not determine yet,the

it's not determine yet,the problem is to choose one of the available licenses .

I don't think it's good idea to break the content into different licenses it will be headache.

Diaa Radwan

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