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Organization of WikiMania 2007 in Alexandria



We need this info added as fast as possible

  • Accommodation:

try to organize the data avaliable here into the bid page on meta-wiki, what we need is the price rates, total number of rooms and type (S/D), plz try to organize the data here first and then copy it when it's done over to the official bid page. I know it's hard but we need this info by Saturday (morning if possible):

Timeline for Bidding

  • August 15th: City contest opens officially
  • September 10th 2006: End of the first round. All cities willing to participate should have a bid in place. No city will be accepted after that date. Candidates may work on their bid until the 15th.
  • September 15th 2006: Shortlist
  • Sept 15th- Sept. 23rd: Shortlist candidates answer jury's question and finalize their bid
  • September 24th 2006: General meeting and final vote


WhatWhoMore Info
Accommodation pricesfor ~ 400-500 people /night/person
Contact with Alex. Libraryfor hosting conferences and sponsor
Air flights costsfrom as much as various places around the world
Local sponsorship opportunitiesex: Internet company could offer a wireless network installed into the conferences hall

Dr. Radut | book