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First GUC fest preview

I (phaeronix) will be visiting the GUC to have a look at available resources. It's a good idea to have some volunteers who are interested in the GUC day with me. Anyone? The time is not fixed yet. GUC


I'd like to take part

well, i'd like to be a vlonteer on that day i'm new to linux, but i'm greatly interestd in it

Hassan Shehawy IEEE Egypt [email protected] +2 012 184 1267

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whould you mind Sir , please add you name to the vonlunteer's list and go to the wiki for more infromation


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I would Love to come

I am too interseted in this activity and would love to come, just tell me when and how:

contact me @ any of the following :

email : [email protected] mob : 0128123773

إذا كانت زكاة المال جزءا منه، فزكاة العلم العلم كله...

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you can check the wiki , if u do as a volnteer and aslo check , the old pst about guc installtion fest

i'm Known AS : Mnabil

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I'd like to come with you,

I'd like to come with you, but first I need to know when and how

Dr. Radut | flexinode-4