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Front page proposal

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Trying to do items 5 and 6 from :

The main problem was that new users don't know how to navigate the website properly. Most of us know we have to click on recent posts to track new content, but that also has a problem; updated pages don't get bumped to the top of the list.

Some people suggested redesigning the theme. I don't think we need such a drastic change. My idea is to make a face page that contains the stuff we need to show new users and guests. This wiki page will be an attempt to build that page :

The page will need to be dynamically generated from the website's content. It can be done with php or using the views module. It might be easier to do after upgrading to 4.7

Title : main page

  • One paragraph introduction to
  • Current events ( done / ongoing / being planned ) with links to calendar / organisation pages. Maybe nice progress bars with rough percentage.
  • Links to recently edited wiki pages
  • Links to projects and their status. ( do we have projects ? ). Maybe drupal arabization or something.

The following items are already displayed in the sidebars, but might be moved to the face page instead.

  • Link to current poll page.
  • New users and online users.
  • Also a small list of things todo if you are new user.

I know most of these things are already done in different pages, but I think collecting them together would be nice.

  • Another change would be to not show the sidebars at all on the front page.
  • Also providing alternate stylesheets that change only the color scheme of the website. This should allow people to choose colors they prefer without the burden of a totally different theme.


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New users


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Lot's of people complained of the difficulty to navigate the website. This is just an attempt to fix that.

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Yes, I understand that

And I acknowledge the need. I'm proposing something simpler, just in case we can address the issue with less work.


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