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How to refresh EGLUG?

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دعونا نخدم

دعونا نخدم بلدنا.. ونراعى ربنا فى عملنا ونحب بعضنا فى الله

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new design.........!

i just registered now i i hate the design from the 1st look ((

it give me the feeling of a lost child .

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All+We need a powerful help team

When I have just a small problem I can't find any One can help me.

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More places in Alexandria

Hello all,

I think we need more presence in Alexandria. The problem is, we're not that active in Alexandria due to personal and job obligations, and I'm the first one to take blame for this. I really want to teach linux courses, but I need a place and an audience.

Regards ShErbO

I would vote for more

I would vote for more active members. Without them no interesting events can be.


Welcome Guys, I'm here for the first time I'm a member in Ismailia LUG (:O)

I know that many of you don't know what is it!!

Refreshing LUG done When we here in Ismailia hear about LUG. I think So,, SaLaM

Live Free Live Linux

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I do agree about the unavailability of beginners tutorials in Arabic!! and more in depth also in Arabic. Not to mention altho some might say that the website design is not that big issue we need to raise, sorry to say from all the loco's websites I have visited ours is the poorest tho it does have LARG contents hidden due to the difficulty for a beginner to navigate. I recall my first visit and it was near frustrating to hit the info I was looking for that easy.

::.. Bakkar

as simple as you think

i think that the main issue is the problem of "which people EGLUG is targetting" if newbies...then there is no any 101 stuff or beginning tutors ...however i think there is valuable content at this area but not catogerized if the geeks of the open source world and FSF...then there is no sharp strategy about contributing and acting if arabic comment

and when these unknowns is determined...i think EGLUG will discover a new horizon final word...i believe that EGLUG had important role ...but unforetunately day after day it is freezing regards

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i totally agree...

i totally agree with qasem

إذا كانت زكاة المال جزءا منه، فزكاة العلم العلم كله...

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EgLUG ? What is that

EgLUG ? What is that ?

Anyways, Seriously .. I blame no one but myself and a bunch of others :-p

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I blame no one

I blame no one except myself. We are all volunteers.

That's not the point now. Use your head. Get your *** of and do something if you can ;-)

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My 0.02 Euros again...

We don't IMHO need a website. We had this same website since long ago and we were active.

The website is IMHO the easiest thing to fix. It might give the feeling that a major thing's changed while in fact, nothing has.

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I choose all + New design

I choose all + "New design that will increase the site accessibility"

Totally agree with that +

Totally agree with that + some rules + active members

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most of you will not like this post, but that what I believe in

I think there is no more contribution because of the spirit on this LUG Anyways, group of my friends, and my self are arranging Software Freedom Day Event We are a registered team now, I wish to see all of you there (although we did not decide on the place yet).

We want to make this SFD is a true Open Source in Spirit, no Boss, no ......

our Group is humble in soul , or at least that we claim, we will be very happy to see you posting your name on the Wiki or on the blog to keep you updated with the details


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Best luck for u and ur group which has spirit :-)


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