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Eglug Cairo gathering

The Egyptian GNU/Linux Users Group (Eglug) will have a gathering in Cairo next Saturday to discuss further activities, socialize, and as usual make fun of proprietary software. Please join us in the Sawy Culturewheel 6:00 PM, Saturday, 6th of October. Sawy Culturewheel



Can we discuss here what happened in the meeting?

Hey Guys, Can we discuss here what happened in the meeting? because I and maybe others who didn't have a chance to attend it know what was said and participate in

mawdoo3 agez el meal da bgad walla hezar??

mawdoo3 a7gez el meal da bgad walla hezar??

anyway,, 8 m3ad kowayes, el mohem azaker showaya abl magi bass 7ad y2olly el 3enwan b2a:D la2en believe or not,, i didn't go to the sa2ya b4

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Ok then meet you there

Ok then meet you there guys but I wish to find a signal one at pm i'm sure i'll be alone at this time like the last time when we meet for the FEST any way I'll come, If you change the time of the meeting plz twitter

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Bad time.

6 pm in Ramadan when sunset is at about 6 is fine.

I'm sorry but 8 is a stupid time regardless of the good intentions.

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كدا انا مش

كدا انا مش حقدر اجي :)

الميعاد الجديد مش حيناسبني لأني ظبطت الدنيا يوم السبت على ميعاد 6 بالليل

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attention plz

BooDy, if this gathering include iftar in saqyet elsawi (as it seems actually) so every participant have to make a reservation for his meal by going to saqya two days earlier and pay for his meal weya7'od elwasl, ew3a tensa elwasl.

اشفق عليكم من التهاون في تلك المسألة عشان مايتككرش اللي حصل في افطار المدونين ،ودي قصة تانية ابقى احكيها بعدين :D


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