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Freedom of Creation Workshop - Artisits interested to work with GNU/Linux multimedia tools

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I got this in my email, and wanted to share it with you. I think someone from EGLUG should participate in that workshop and let's know how it went, and let the organizers and participants know of our existence.


A workshop on GNU/Linux free software and video-making
3-6 April 2008

In the world of artistic creation, free software means tools that are accessible to everyone, for the freedom of expression. This workshop will focus on GNU/Linux applications available for recording, editing and publishing of audio/video materials. Participants will be introduced to the vast choice of possibilities free and open source software can offer. As the workshop progresses, each participant will be encouraged to use and adapt applications that best suits his or her own ideas and needs. This workshop, makes use of a beginner's approach to the topic at hand, explains various techniques of multimedia production using only free and open source software

Subjects of the workshop

How to fix a PC computer

Suggestions on recycling hardware components and how to assemble a PC computer

How to make Radio

Recording, editing and encoding of sound, interviews etc. how to broadcast voices and music on the Internet with online radio

How to make Music

Recording, editing of audio samples, equalizing and editing on multitrack, encoding and online publishing, live instruments for mixing and realtime performance

How to make Video

Recording, introduction to some editing applications, encoding, transcoding and online publishing, live instruments for veejaying and realtime manipulation, mathematical and algorithmical theories of video manipulation

Every participant will receive a dyne:bolic GNU/Linux live CD, free to be used, modified and redistributed GNU GPL license

The notions acquired will not create the necessity to buy any commercial software, the students will be free to produce and distribute their own creations independently


  • 3 April: 6 – 8pm
  • 4 - 6 April: 11am – 2pm

Participants have to be fully committed to attending all of the sessions.

Please email a one-page CV in Arabic or English to Ms. Aleya Hamza on [email protected] before Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Deadline for application

Wednesday, 19 March 2008 at 6pm Participants will be informed of their acceptance by Monday 24 March 2008.

Number of participants 12

Language of Instruction: English, Please let us know if you need Arabic translation


Jaromil is a developer and media artist inspired by the GNU free software movement: he follows the ideal of creating FOSS for freedom of expression, to let people communicate, freed from consumerist speculations and the need for expensive hardware. Among open source software he created and maintains are: MuSE (for running aweb radio), FreeJ (for vee-jay and real-time video manipulation), HasciiCam (ASCII video streaming) and dyne:bolic (efficient live-CD widely employed for media production and broadcasting). These creations are redistributed by the Free Software Foundation and several other educational institutions worldwide. Based in Amsterdam, Jaromil is currently active on FOSS R&D for the Netherlands Media Art institute, adjunct lecturer (year 2008/09) for the Media Design MA at PietZwart Academy in Rotterdam and the Digital Environment Design MA at NABA in Milano.


I am interested to join the workshop

I have emailed Aleya - workshop coordinator - with my details and waiting for her reply, and will post workshop feedback as soon as I attend the workshop

Very interesting.

Very interesting.

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