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Promoting linuxawy to be website Administrator

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Alaa one of the founders of eglug has suggested that we should promote linuxawy to be a website admin,and I find this a good idea since we are already short in administrators and he is doing a great job. So let us collect the votes and the points

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My vote

You have my 9 points please seiors, moderators and administrators say your words. peace

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and mine too

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Long overdue

I vote yes :)

make love not cat /dev/urandom > world

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I wanna praise linuxawy

I wanna praise linuxawy for the hard work he did and his recent activities, Thanks

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I agree that he's doing a

  1. I agree that he's doing a good job but is he good enough to be an admin ? From a technical point of view of course.
  2. I don't agree that we don't have enough admins. It's just that they are either busy or ignoring the web site or not considering delegating needed tasks.

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I don't know if I'm senior

I don't know if I'm senior or not as I don't know where is my points exist but I guess I'm senior since i'm here for 4 years and 11 week as my account page says.

Anyway, i vote for promoting linuxawy to be website Administrator, he showed high commitment and high level of activism in FOSS and linux in particular.

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Being a senior has nothing

Being a senior has nothing to do with the membership time. It depends on your contributions.

And you are a senior BTW.

Me and alienbrain were in Finland riding a car and we meet you in the street by accident along with Ramez Hanna ... wa anta ba2a maraby saksoka

voting for linuxawy

i vote for u linuxawy ya 7abeb el gamaher

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thank you guys

Thanks alot guys, this a great trust to have from the community. i didn't check the site for one day and i find this topic and all those replays, this makes me feel great :)

for those who doesn't know me well, I work as a sysadmin and I can call myself experienced regarding administrative tasks like webservers, networking, security, bash scripting, hosting companies, ... etc.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Here is my vote too

I say yes too..

I am a nobody, but it's a

I am a nobody, but it's a good idea...

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Nice idea

Nice idea, here is my vote +1.

Diaa Radwan

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Me votes for Linuxawy too

Me votes for Linuxawy too :) You really deserve it, good luck...

Good idea

I think this would be a very good addition to the team, and I agree with MSameer regarding Drupal, but I think we need many other things beside Drupal in which Linuxawy would be able to help.

Looking forward to that!

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OK guys, the votes and points for moderatos, administrators and seniors passed the requred number 27 point. Welcome aboard linuxawy.


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Congradulations, linuxawy for the admin postion on EGLUG. What's your plan here? Wish you push some positive energy soon :) --

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Thanks alot guys :)

Thanks alot guys for the trust.. isA I'll try to do my best, and refresh the lug a little bit..

regarding the votes above i see that i'm close the imaginary 99% in elections :P


Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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congratulations ya

congratulations ya linuxawy we are looking to see some different things in the website ;) and what about 1% lazem n3raf ra7oo lmiin :)

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مبروووك يا ريس

عايز أحط السيف على ودنك

زي ما بيعملوا مع النبلاء الإنجليز عند ترقيتهم :D

مبروك يا بو الشباب ونتمنى نهضة للجروب في عهدكم الميمون

ابنكم البار أحمد فيصل

(المنحة يا ريس)


لا ينبغي للشعوب أن تخاف من ميكروسوفت..ميكروسوفت هي التي يجب ان تخاف من الشعوب..! من فيلم : Linux For Vendetta !!

أنفخ معايا ف الفحماية

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الله يبارك فيك يا معلم :)

يا عم سيف ايه بس؟ انزل من على ودنى بس :P

يا سيدى الله يبارك فيك :)

وايه موضوع البار ده؟ ما تخليناش نطول لساننا فى الأول كده :P

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

I vote yes

Mabrook Linuxawy, for you and for us as I hope we all do some more efforts to support the site.

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