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Revision of dinner with arab techies today from Tue, 23/12/2008 - 1:53pm

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If you would like to meet some Arab techies tonight, there is a dinner at Sekoya Zamalek - Aboul-Feda. It's 8.30 p.m.

ganeb men al7dour: Alaa AbdelFattah, Manal Hassan, Ahmad Mekkawy (Linuxawy), Sami ben Gharbeia, Nora Younis, Ahmda Gharbeia, Ghaith Saqr (, Waheed Barghouthi (Devveloper in,, M.S. Hijiouij, Rashid Jankari, Zeinab Samir(Bent Masreya), Anas Tawileh (syrian lug), Bassem Jarkas .. etc The main countries that guys are from: Algeria, Bahrain, SA, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tonisia, Qatar, Morocco, Lebanon, Yeman

They are all techies interested in all the hot topics we always talk about. So come and join :)

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