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EGLUG going to Sudan

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EGLUG was invited to be a speaker a seminar in Khartoum, Sudan titled: Free and Open Source Software in Sudan: Freedom of Change and Strategic Vision


From Inside Sudan:

  • Minister of Science & Technology , Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed , Workshop Chair
  • Minister of High Education .
  • Minister Of Information & Communication .
  • Minister of Ministry council .
  • General Manager , National Telecommunication Commission .
  • Genera Manager , Africa Technology City .
  • Sudanese Universities .
  • R & D Centers .
  • IT Managers from different government departments .

From Outside Sudan (by alphabetic order)

We'll be giving a presentation on the first day of the workshop. If you're in Sudan and you feel like hanging out with a couple of Egyptian geeks feel free to drop us a line :)

Cheers :)


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hey great news :) good luck

hey great news :) good luck guys

good luck

good luck guys

Linux Let's Free The World

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7alwaa el sudan bardooo

7alwaa el sudan bardooo :)

Greeting form Sudan (NCTR)

Thanks guys for ur coming 2 sudan, I hope that u enjoyed to share us ur experiance,I attended ur paper with NCTR staff in the work shop and it was very informative.

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Thank you

Thanks alot, lubna...

It was great to be amongst you in Sudan, and isA your experience has so much potential and I guess Sudan may be a FOSS guru really soon. NCTR is making a great job there.

Wish you the best isA :)

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

good to know you had fun in

good to know you had fun in Sudan!

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