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Linux-Egypt congratulates Eglug

AlSalamo 3aleikom, Linux-Egypt has dispatched a message on their forums congratulating Eglug and hoping it would improve in the spread of use of free software in Egypt.



YoussefAssad's picture


The gesture is, of course, appreciated.

It is good that this matter is evolving peacefully; one sees so many acrimonious forks. We here at eglug hope that our experiment with democracy as applied to a LUG will benefit not only us, but also the Egyptian Linux community at large.


ramez.hanna's picture

surprised but pleased

untill now i didn't know that this will be a new site i thought it will be a renewal of the linux egypt site

the best things in life are free --- so as myself

Alaa's picture

that was the way we wanted it

this was the original intention, hence the words linux egypt sprinkled around the website.

now its the eglug website, well under construction website rather, real launch won't be before the end of june, its hacking time now.

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