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InstallFest Zagazig Uni.

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Welcome everybody .. Eglug is organizing a new InstallFest in the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology at Zagazig University on Sunday the 2nd of May 2010.

We're planning on giving the following sessions:

-- Free Culture

-- Introduction to Free/Open Source software

-- Installing GNU/Linux

-- Windows/Mac Vs GNU/Linux, Showing the alternative Software

-- Desktop Programming under GNU/Linux

-- How to build a web server in 15 minutes/Open Source Web Applications and frameworks

-- Drupal

-- Graphic Designing ( Inkskape or Gimp )

As well in parallel with the sessions we'll be helping people install GNU/Linux on their computers.

If you feel you can help with anything and want to help us spread the use of Free/Open Source Software please post a comment here saying what you can/want to do.

We are waiting your response within a week .. till Thursday 15/4/2010

Hope to see you all there :)

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If I couldn't quit my job as

If I couldn't quit my job as expected, I won't catch it, sorry :(

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