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giving subdomain of eglug to other FOSS site

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Hi Guys,

Some guys contacted me that they want to create a new website of very simple howtos in el 3ammeya el masreya targeting the typical, non-techie window$ user to help him to migrate to linux.

Anyway, these guys know eglug but they think that it's better to make a new website, and they were asking about the possibility to take a subdomain from

Actually providing them the subdomain and even hosting them with us will cost us nothing, cause they will run drupal which we can run it with eglug website in the same codebase. And I see that this would be a nice contribution made from eglug to other FOSS believers, and the eglug subdomain will give us credits afterall.

As an admin I can't make such a move alone, so I wanted to take the community's opinions.

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i Aree

I Agree

I Was Known as POSIX

Give more details

Give us more details about that project, and what they can provide that eglug can't provide, otherwise it's much better to have them as editors in eglug.
That's my opinion.

Let's Free The World

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It's not about "what eglug can't provide"

It's not about "what eglug can't provide", it's not a community website like eglug or other communities (though I personally have no problems if they were). It's a website that targets to simplify basic linux concepts to the new guys, in an easy understandable language. They are focusing on good presentation for the simple info, unlike eglug which is a community website which most of its users mainly targeting talking about much advanced info.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

If it's about only content

If it's about only content what ever it's language and topics, i suggest contributing to eglug is much better. I still want details, as you are asking for people point of views, i can't agree with thing i don't know what it is in details, consider it my point of view, you can take it or not.

Let's Free The World

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eglug back to life

I agree on any thing that would bring eglug back to life, they guys wanna have their own space, lets give it to them , at least as motivation, after all, they are part of eglug

I Was Known as POSIX

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I am not saying Agree or disagree

If they want only to publish content; why not contributing direct to eglug wiki. We need this contribution in eglug by many ways organizing wiki, contribute content and translation.

I think if they want to publish content with related to the content we have, I'd say no. But if they want to create e.g plant, source control or translation. It would be great and I'd say Yes.

Diaa Radwan

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I agree but we need to see

I agree but we need to see something from them first. Let them publish an article here or somewhere else. I remember we installed the project module per a member request and it's not been used.

I'd like to think about it that way: They are asking us to host them and to provide them with a subdomain. If we don't agree, they will easily go somewhere else.

Maybe we can give them a subdomain off not ?

P.S. I prefer the content to be hosted here but if they think their content doesn't fit here then I don't see a problem giving them their own space.

P.P.S I'd love if they'd add a link to too ;-)

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let me clarify

These guys are not newbies, they are contributers in linuxac, and after I talked to them about getting the communities more close, they contacted me about this site (note that the rules in linuxac forbid them from typing in 3ammeyah), and they are totally fine with working under eglug's name, actually they requested it. They can buy a domain and they do have a hosting (a shared one, but it works).

They don't have issues with contributing to eglug, but their point is the targeted audience of this new website might not like eglug's website. It's like a promotional site not a forum that gathers members.

I like msameer's point about instead of .org , and yes they will link to our website somehow, we can even ask them to say that they are a devision of eglug, or say that this website is an eglug activity, or anything like that, i don't think they will have a big issue regarding these stuff.

at last I must say that I like it more when a new FOSS website (or even community) come and ask about an eglug subdomain, it means that eglug is not a community among other ones, but it's starting to fulfill its name, as THE egyptian lug, instead of AN egyptian lug... and who knows, may be they merge with soon..

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

It's OK

It's Ok with me now.
It sounds a good idea, but i have to clearify something. will this new activity overloads the admin and moderators teams with new tasks. I don't have any problem with this issue, but i just wanted to highlight it.
I think the idea now is kinda clear, we need a small brainstorming then start it.

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مساء الخير على

مساء الخير على كل البشمهندسين

انا صاحب الاقتراح اللى الموضوع بيتكلم عنه

زى مقريتوا احنا عايزين نخلى الموقع تحت ايج لج حتى لو هنعمله على الهوست الخاص بينا ودومين اخر تبعنا بس فكرة انه يكون فعلا على صب دومين من ايج لج فكرة كويسة جدا ولمصلحة الفكرتين سواء ايج لج او الموقع الجديد

الموقع هيتكلم عن جنو لينوكس بالعامية والحمدلله انا والفريق اللى معايا من مجاﻻت مختلفة هنحكى ازاى تنتقل من بيئة ويندوز او اى بيئة تانية لجنو لينوكس ومعانا المبرمج والمصمم مجاﻻت مختلفة كل منهم هيكتب فى تجربته

الموقع مش هدفه يكون منتدى وله زوار يوميا ﻻ هدفه كأنه موسوعة ويكى عن لينوكس بالعامية تكون مرجع بعد كدة للى يبحث بعد ارشفه الموقع فى جوجل طبعا وهنحاول نعمل نشاطات تانية زى عمل فيدوهات بردو بالعامية ولو فيه اى نشاط لايج لج زى الانستول فيست اللى كان فى مبنى البريد عندنا فى اسكندرية ممكن نساهم اننا انشالله نقف على جنب بترابيزة وﻻبتوب ناخد الناس اللى مش قوية فى اللغة وعايزة تقراء عن لينوكس بلغة مبسطة

الفكرة هى انشاء فريق بداية عمله الموقع دة ومن ثم هنحاول نوسع نشاطتنا سواء بعل فيدوهات زى مقولت وهنعتمد على المواقع الاجتماعية فى نشرها .... الخ خلاصة القول جوانا حماس واستعداد اننا نعمل شئ حلو وعايزين نكون تحت ايج لج لاننا كدة هنكسب توجيهكم وهنكون منظمين اكتر


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Do not agree

Egypt don't have a language of its own, we do not need another disaster like wikipedia-eg..!

3amya isn't as u thing, just

3amya isn't as u thing, just simplified classic Arabic, but like on linuxac, it's meant to be moderate not so much classic not so much destroying.

Let's Free The World

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I agree with Faissl, we

I agree with Faissl, we never saw "British" Linux articles or "American" ones, so why the divide?

If someone is ignorant enough that he can't read and understand formal Arabic, then I guess he won't be able to understand anything about FLOSS or GNU/Linux.

Thus let him continue use his beloved Microsoft Windows, surfing youtube, playing games and watching pr0n because it doesn't matter for him, ignorance is a bless for such people :D

Besides, I saw many articles written here in Egyptian accent, so what's the need for a separate sub-domain?

And if we got free time, we would rather convert them to formal Arabic and concentrate more on this issue.


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