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Open Source Conference In Egypt for the Arab region 22-23 March 2011

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We are arranging a conference on Free and Open Source Software in Cairo/Egypt with speakers from the Globe starting from Richard Stallman, and many other icons Link is here

We have the lady on charge of Brazilian Government Open Source Policy as one of our speakers, We would have the pleasure to have you on board and any other relevant person you see

looking forward to have you on board , please promote the conference kind regards Samer

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on board

Being 'on board', does this mean on 'board' or 'on board'? punctuation matters :)

hope you the best in your event, but $400 is somehow big for community guys, you know.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Discount for EGLUG member

Hello 1) thanks for the English lesson, it seems that some of eglug members will never change

the important thingy, there is a discount for Eglug members

Thanks and wish you all the maturity

kind regards Samer

__ You pick the level of your suffering yourself - Budha-

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maturity explained

it was a real question btw, do you need anything from eglug or you are just announcing? don't blame me if you didn't understand it.

it seems that you have harsh memories of eglug members, but anyway i didn't see anybody here trying to change, so i would advice to just live with it.

so what's the discount you are offering?

btw, maturity shows so much in the very first line of your reply


Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Discount for EGLUG member

Hello the discount depends , please register and you will be contacted according to your discount criteria

for sure, such a conference will need a lot from EGlug and any other arab lug, the question will be what EGLUG can do or ready to participate with ?

regarding maturity, it is relative, though im happy for your comment and staying on top of the forum

Cheers Samer

__ You pick the level of your suffering yourself - Budha-

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Actually making the discound

Actually making the discound criteria behind closed doors till after we register isn't a good thing IMHO, why don't you say the criteria here and put it clear on the table?

Well, about what we can offer, why don't you tell us what you may need from a community and we say what we can do from it? you do know the needs and you do know our capabilities.

we can actually include other open source communities if it's big, and of course if it's worth it.


Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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thanks for the reply, actually it is not closed Criteria, there is a committee that decides, and each individual has his own circumstances (I have seen that in many international conferences)

regarding what we need from the community, that is a good question but excuse my ignorance as i do not know what Eglug can give without over loading you guys

Open Source is not only a software methodology, it is a philosophy that applies to everything (or at least this is how i perceive it) so if Eglug shares the conference that is a big thingy if Eglug posts ideas requests that is another big plus if Eglug members keep their positive spirit that is another real thingy that proves they are really Open source persons internally as much as infront of computer screens

I appreciate your positive tone, and taking time to read and reply

just some latest news, Fedora Project and Mozila Foundation will have representatives and will give presentations

kind regards Samer __ You pick the level of your suffering yourself - Budha-

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my $0.2


well as I understand the event, it's targeted for business people. So I guess these suggestions may seem valid:

  • raising awareness about the event, most of FOSS oriented companies have employees that are linked to eglug or other FOSS communities.

  • Help in escorting some of the speakers in geeky outings after the conference (i guess RMS will like this one).

If you got anything else in mind please tell me, and if you like any of the ideas tell me what will the community benefit from you in return.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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0.02 dollars

The community will benefit nothing, the guy is asking for publicity, some speakers to fill the event, and registration fees


My blog :)

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well, he cares about the 400 dollars more

since the beginning I didn't hear from him anything about benefit for the community unless an undisclosed discount in an overpriced event.

tried to build a positive conversation to reach a mutual benifit, but it seems some people only look after their individual benifit, they totally forgot the word community, either it's eglug or any other community.

anyway it's good to know people more.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Did you check out his former

Did you check out his former posts??


My blog :)

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Be sure that Mr. Stallman will never attend such conference for several reasons including:

1. It is called Open Source instead of Free Software, a fundamental mistake according to him, he has issues with OSI, you never read about their history?

2. Microsoft will give a speech in an Open Source Conference? Why? About what? Maybe they will ask us to switch into Windows and code our websites with ASP.NET :/

I would glad to attend such conference if the discount was 100%, which is, I believe, its real worth.


My blog :)

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__ You pick the level of your suffering yourself - Budha-

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Hello Samer, Please don't

Hello Samer,

Please don't post such things again on the lug :) ... it seems you are creating just money purpose event just like live concerts ...etc

and i'm totally sure that RMS isn't coming and no mozilla or fedora ( official ) representative will come . ___


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How and why you are sure

How and why you are sure that there is no RMS or Mozilla

Guys, you are ... and need immediate help

If you guys are not happy with my post, this is your problem I posted it in the events section, if you still not happy delete it and stay in ....

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You pick the level of your suffering yourself - Budha-

\__ You pick the level of your suffering yourself - Budha-

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