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Bakkar congratulates Tux on Eglug

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Lots of celeberities are now congratulating Tux for the new star in the GNU/Linux world ... EGLUG !!


nice idea and even better wor

nice idea and even better work! Bakkar being the famous egyptian cartoon character congratulating tux. but why does he seem to be crying?

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Why is he crying?

The poor chap has clearly had his head lopped off... that would make anyone cry.


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fix it

BTW, what is the leaglity of this file. Bakkar is probably copyrighted, but what about the above file ? It is not stolen, as far as I know Inkscape is not used to make cartoons in Egypt yet.

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gah difficult

The characters are typicaly copyrighted and trademarked, which means all representations of the character that are highly similar are protected.

there is nothing you can do about trademarked characters, trademarks live forever and their fairuse is very limited (which is why comic parodies often jumbke names or change details when they want to make jokes about sony or disney characters).

now this does not mean its illegal, as you saw I can say Sony in my discussions without worriying about any legal troubles, and one could make an argument that drawing on inkscape is just like mentioning sony in a discussion.

the problem is one could construct an argument that your cartoon is a work of art (if one knows the subtle joke in there then it is indeed a work of art) and a such it violates both the copyright and the trademark (seeing that you published it in a public website).

however egyptian laws are very archiac when it comes to IP laws, many of the situations are not covered by law at all, in many cases its covered by laws that haven't changed since the british occupation, and recently they've been passing IP laws like crazy and no one in the country has any idea whats in there or how all these laws interact together, this is including the judges.

now an interesting twist is that bakar is a publicly owned copyright/trademark (that is if they bothered registering it), which means as an Egyptian citizen you indirectly hold the rights to Bakar, and since your cartoon was not done for profit you could make a good argument in court.

in short I advice you to keep practicing what you naturaly feel is fair use and fight it out as long as you don't make a profit no judge in the country will fine you more than a couple of hundred pounds.

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