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Eglug wallpaper .

Eglug wallpaper .

This picture are made to be wallapaper on desktops of computers may guests use in process of demonstration or something like that


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hold on !

i would gladly make a precious one, or many... just send the logo in eps, ai or very very high res png file, and i'll do some awesomes !

so... i'm not sure that i'll review this page again, so send it to my email and that's all. [email protected]


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Yeah it's right

What is meant by "formal somehow" is the design ,colors .

I started with text then I make the lines, net etc.. Then I forgot the text. I was in hurry to finish . next time hope to coordinate something self-explanatory for the LUG

i may change the foot thing to : the answer is not in the box it is in the band :)

Diaa Radwan

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since this is semi formal

since this is semi formal, maybe the shoot yourself iun the foot for free should be changed to something serious but friendly.

what do you think??



"u know i once dream that the office of mobinil is from el 7`os :S and the one that answer u and tell u rasidak a girl called ghada"

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